Monday, December 28, 2009

Cu's are popping!

Andrew (above with Eddie) had a great flight in the EuroFox.

Sarah (above with Zach) and Jessica (below with Eddie) discovered the world from above this morning -both experiencing the thrill of gliding for the first time.

Welcome to Vasant who spent the afternoon soaring in GVY

Tim and Dave (above) getting ready to go gliding this afternoon. Tim flew 150kms out and return today while Dave flew aprroximately 300kms. Yesterday, Tim had a good start to his holiday with a distance of 202kms. Richard has continued flying good distances - 383kms yesterday and 488 today - Great effort!! Terry also took to the skies in EPC flying 530kms this afternoon. Temperature at 1500hrs 35 degrees - 3 degrees hotter than forecast.