Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cloud base - 6,700 feet

Roger (above) came from South Australia to try out the EuroFox. He obtained his in flight adjustable propeller and tail dragger endorsements and really enjoyed flying the EuroFox.

Welcome to Jen & Ray (above) who are both continuing their abinitio training with Eddie.

Terry took to the skies in PC this afternoon for a flight of 150kms.

Temperature at 1500 hrs 29 degrees. Flying conditions excellent!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Autumn weather!!

David (above with Eddie) spent a few hours in the EuroFox gaining his tail dragger endorsement
on Friday/Saturday.

Chris (above- downloading his flight) had a great time on Saturday soaring 370kms at an average speed of 110 kms an hour -out to Ardlethan and Jerilderie.

Terry & Eddie (above) checking out PC prior to Eddie taking off late this afternoon. Eddie flew 156 kms in good Autumn conditions. Top height 6000 feet.

Terry (above in ) headed home in the J230 while Eddie soared above in Terry's ship.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ralph's magnificent painting of the EuroFox

The EuroFox towing the Ls4 IIE over Tocumwal
Thanks Ralph for a Great Painting for us to hang up in reception.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Farewell Michael - Welcome back Sam

Jake (above) has been busy helping Eddie during the school holidays

Great to see Sam (above & below with Terry in the Blanik) continuing his gliding experience

Farewell to Michael (above) who heads home tomorrow after spending the past few days gliding at SportAviation. Michael hopes to be back later on in the year.

Temperature at 1500 hrs 18.5 degrees

Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome Michael - Farewell Francoise

Welcome to Michael (above) who last flew in Tocumwal 15 years ago. Michael has been flying the IS28 over the past two days and today flying IIE.

Farewell to Francoise (above with Ingo) who heads home tomorrow after a very enjoyable five days in the Blanik.

Temperature at 1500 hrs 21 degrees. Weather -overcast and dead stable today. Hoping for an improvement in conditions over the weekend.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome & congratulations Francoise

Richard & Paul (above) headed off to Benalla in the EuroFox for a cuppa during the Easter break.

Lovely to see Stuart (above) who called in for a cuppa over Easter.

Chris, Richard, Vasant, Paul, Nicole and Reme (above with Eddie) made the most of the Easter holiday staying late and heading home early Tuesday morning.

Welcome to Francoise (above & second from bottom) who arrived on Monday to consolidate her previous instruction with Ingo in the Blanik. Also a big congratulations to Francoise who went solo today!!
Beautiful rain overnight - 18mls. Temperature at 1500hrs 23 degrees.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another great day!!

Ian (above) enjoyed his air experience flight with Eddie in GVY this afternoon.

Brian, Vince & Terry (above) with the Sonerai brothers - 3972, 3971 and 3973.

Keith had a great flight with Eddie in the EuroFox late yesterday flying to Lake Mulwala and back.

Mike (above) and Liz took the opportunity to stay in the caravan park overnight as Mike had tail dragger instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox yesterday afternoon and early this morning. A big thank you to Laurel & Tim (below) who once again helped out over the Easter break- towing, cooking etc.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Great to see John and Ross (above) who enjoyed a great flight in GVY yesterday.

The McColl family: Di, Joanna, Alexander and Harrison (2nd from the top down) all enjoyed air experience flights this afternoon with Eddie and Rolf in the Blanik and IS28 respectively.

David, Chris, Terry, Vasant, Richard & Paul all took to the skies making the most of the good gliding weather.
Temperature at 1500hrs 27 degrees.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny arrives tomorrow!!

Kim (above with Eddie in GVY) said her air experience flight this afternoon was 'excellent'.

Vasant took to the skies again today in KYO making the most of the conditions.

Richard and Paul (above) have been having a ball in the Janus over the past 2 days.

Tim (above) gives Ray a hand just prior to launching DY with the Maule.

Ben (above) arrived back in Toc today for more gliding experience with Eddie in the Blanik.

Terry and Jake left early this morning for Temora in the Sonneray. Tonight, we turn the clocks back an hour as daylight savings comes to an end. Weather has been extremely pleasant with temperature at 1500 hrs 25 degrees. Easter Bunny arrives tomorrow for all those who have been very good!!