Monday, April 20, 2009

Perfect weather for the EuroFox

Grant (top) along with Robert (next) and Liz (above) were all smiles after their flights in the EuroFox today. Just visiting Tocumwal overnight the family made the most of our superb weather enjoying the views from above. Another perfect day with temperature at 1500hrs 24 degrees.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Superb weather!

Shaun (top) had a great flight with Eddie in the EuroFox today. Terry had willing helpers in wife Barb and Jake (above) polishing the Ash prior to take off. Earlier on in the week David had a terrific time soaring with cloud base of 8,500 feet. Good to see Dieter from the Geelong Gliding Club who visited on Tuesday. Dieter and his wife enjoyed an afternoon of soaring. Congratulations to Bill who turned 85 yrs young on Thursday. Bill does his 'rounds' everyday keeping us all on our toes and entertaining visitors with stories of yesteryear. Temperature remains mild. Today at 1500hrs 25 degrees.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another great day!

Great to see Terry, Barb & Millie who joined us for pizza under the brilliant moonlight last evening. Thanks Nicole for your terrific organisational skills once again. Late this morning Perry (top) had a great time with Eddie in the Blanik. He hopes to be back again in the near future. John introduced Bjorn from Canada (middle) to the delights of gliding early this afternoon. Vasant continued his gliding consolidation while David headed out in HDK. Meanwhile David's partner Liz took some time out relaxing in the recliner. Paul arrived in the Savannah and continued his RAA training. Thanks Tim, Laurel, Nicole, Richard and Jake for all your help. Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The joy of gliding!!

It was a family affair when Emily (left) and husband Josh (right) along with Dad, Ian (below) all enjoyed flights with Eddie in the Blanik this morning. Ian returned to the thrill of gliding after a long break.

Sean (2nd bottom) and Ken (above) both had fantastic flights this afternoon with good conditions prevailing. Sean and family, camping on the outskirts of town noticed the gliders going up and down and Sean couldn't resist having a go. Ken's wife is playing golf all Easter so Ken took the opportunity to fulfill his dream of going gliding.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy birthday Alan!

Alan (top) celebrated his 60th birthday with a terrific flight in the Blanik early this afternoon. Vasant and Asha (next with Jake) enjoyed their flights and later had a relaxing time (2nd bottom) with Richard watching the gliders take off and land. Great to see David (above with Eddie, Jake, Laurel, Bracey and Tim) who called in today to check out the EuroFox. Yes, he was impressed!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Farewell Peter

With cloud base of 7000 feet a terrific day ensued. Richard, (top with Nicole), Vasant, David & Bob all had great flights. This evening we farewelled Peter (above with Asha, Vasant, Eddie, David, Tim, Laurel, Nicole & Richard). Peter has had a great time over the past three weeks going solo in the Blanik, solo in the EuroFox and catching a few fish in between! Tim cooked a delicious BBQ for all under a brilliant full moon - Just another day in Tocumwal (Paradise!). Top temp. at 1500hrs 28.2 degrees.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peter flies solo!

Congratulations to Peter who flew solo this afternoon in the EuroFox. Fantastic effort!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Do it in Deni!

Peter (top) and Eddie flew to Morroco East this afternoon. Terrific to catch up with Pete R and family before heading off to Deniliquin Airport (middle/bottom). Great to run into Jamie at Deni
Airport. Jamie is busy working on Ag aircraft. These aircraft are being utilised as fire bombers.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy birthday Elizabeth!

Elizabeth (top) had a fantastic birthday present from partner Chris with a flight in the EuroFox this morning. David (next) enjoyed his afternoon soaring in HDK. John (with Peter, Jake and Bill) also spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon flying. Great to see Michael from Switzerland, (above with Eddie) who found time in his busy schedule to do some training in the EuroFox with Eddie. Peter also continued instruction in the EuroFox late today (the fish have gone off the bite!!). Thanks Rolf for the delicious fruitcake for afternoon tea.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leif gets back into gliding

Lovely to see Bracey (top with Peter, Bill and Jake) who called in for morning tea. Also Michael, Rosalyn and Elise who dropped in for lunch on their way to Echuca. Maverick & Goose (middle -You work it out!!) had a good time in the EuroFox today. Peter, trying to keep his mind off the next big catch continued with gliding consolidation. Leif (above with wife Lotty) had a grin from ear to ear after gliding this afternoon with Eddie. It has been quite a few years since his last flight. Thanks to Ian and Jake for a great day!

Gone fishin'

Last evening Peter caught a Murray Cod using cheese as bait - Unbelievable!! After this quick snap using his mobile phone Peter put the Cod back in the river.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Peter completes "C" certificate

Bruce (top with Ingo, wife Ruth & son Brad) had a great flight with Ingo in the Blanik early this afternoon. A terrific Christmas present from his family! Lovely to see Tony and Michael as well as Brad (middle) from the Hunter Valley who called in for a chat this afternoon. Peter had another good day -completing his "C" certificate with a flight of 3hrs 31 minutes and soaring 81kms with cloud base of 6,800 feet. Temp. at 1500hrs 31.8 degrees.