Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good flying

Weather looks good - yes we will fly today!!! (Weather briefing with Eddie this morning)

Jake (above) runs the wing of GVY. Torsten and Peter (inside) went on to fly for over 4 hours

Kari (above) all ready for his flight in JJ

Farewell to Stephan and Jan (above) who both enjoyed great flights today. Lovely to meet Jan's wife Gabby who joined Jan for a weeks holiday.

Another great photo from Zach. Terry in EPC being towed by the Maule.
Jake and Rolf also took to the skies in the Blanik with Jake flying for over 2 hours.
Temperature at 1500 hours 36 degrees.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gusty conditions

Marilyn (above) and Bill (below) enjoyed flying with Eddie in the Blanik this afternoon

Peter and Torsten made the most of the difficult conditions today with a local flight in GVY

Kari enjoyed a 2 hour flight in JJ. Temperature at 1500 hours 31 degrees - 3 degrees less than forecast.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All lined up

John had an enjoyable cruise out to Lockhart and return in the Pik 20D

Stephan, Jan and John lined up ready to launch

Zach in the Maule preparing to launch Terry (first in line).

Welcome to Torsten from Kingaroy gliding club who flew with Eddie in GVY this afternoon. Stephan and Jan had short flights today while John spent 5 and a half hours in the air. Terry is still out in PC. Kari has been busy doing lots of jobs in readiness for flying. Temperature at 1500hrs 34 degrees.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Celebrating Australia Day

Tracey had a great flight with Eddie in the Blanik late this morning

Celebrating Australia Day this evening
Farewell to Jari and welcome to Kari who arrived this morning. Terry, Stephan, Jan, Jari, Richard and John flew in reasonable conditions up to 8000 ft with high cloud dampening conditions later. Temperature at 1500 hours 35 degrees.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue skies

Terry called in late this morning in the Sonneray

Lothar enjoyed his flight today in UE

Jari is a little sad as he will be leaving us tomorrow

Richard about to tow in the EuroFox

Jake & Eddie in the Blanik being launched by Richard in the EuroFox

Jan, Jari and Lothar all had good flights today. Welcome to Gabby (Jan's wife) and also John who enjoyed flying in the PIK 20 late this afternoon. We are looking forward to the arrival (albeit late!!) of Santa's helper tomorrow. Temperature at 1500hrs 33.7 degrees.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

High settles over flying area

Phil (above) enjoyed his Christmas present flying in the EuroFox with Eddie this morning.

Zach (cool as a cucumber) strikes a pose with the Maule.

Richard and Neil attending to UE in the U-Hangar.

Stephan and Jake loading up with water.

A great photo of Jan (courtesy of Zach) in IIE.

Stephan, Jari and Richard flew in difficult conditions with a strong inversion over the Western Riverina.
Temperature at 1500hrs 30 degrees

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time is flying by!!

With Stefan about to land in KYO (background) Eddie & Jake assist Jan moving IIE off the runway.

Graeme from Bendigo enjoyed his time in the EuroFox with Eddie yesterday.

Stefan (earlier in the week) was all smiles prior to launching in KYO - another great days gliding!!

Jake & Stefan made the most of the conditions this afternoon with circuits in the Blanik.

Jake - looking forward to the days flying activities. These great photos courtesy of our tow pilot Zach.

Terry, Jari & Dave headed skyward this afternoon in difficult conditions. Time is flying by with the Australia Day celebrations coming up this long weekend. Temperature at 1500hrs 36.5 degrees.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jorgen on the way home in TT

Jan & Stefan relax with a cuppa after their first days gliding.

Shaun had a great time with Eddie in the EuroFox this afternoon.

Brad also discovered the world from above in the EuroFox with Eddie.

Patrick gave the thumbs up after gliding in the Blanik.

Cathy had a great experience gliding with Eddie in the Blanik

Jari has not long landed flying 650kms with three thunderstorms and one wave climb. Stefan and Jan both had an enjoyable afternoon in KYO and IIE. Jorgen is still on the way back from Cobar in TT. Temperature at 1500hrs 36 degrees.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jari - Getting ready for a slow tough day in JJ
Jack and Marleena from Holland dropped in for a few days flying

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another hot day!!

Zach (above) all geared up to fly

Yes, that feels good!!

Wolli (above) getting ready to launch in ES

Wolli (above) ready to take off!

Terry flew 682kms in EPC while Jari flew 700kms in JJ. Jari took 2.5hrs to fly the first 50kms then 4.5hrs to fly 650kms. Dave has just landed after a 6 hour flight.
Cloud base 13,500 feet. Temperature at 1500hrs another sizzler - 43 degrees.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jake flying well in the EuroFox

Dave (above) getting ready for a misssion to the heavens - cloud base 12,800 feet.

Graham and son Sean (above) both enjoyed their gliding in the DG 600 and Blanik respectively this afternoon.

It takes a crew to de-rig the Olympia. Jake & Eddie hold the wing while Mike, Ken & Zach work the other end. An hour later the Olympia was in the trailer ready for the trip to Bordertown tomorrow.

Jake (above) continued his training with Eddie in the EuroFox. He is flying really well - not long now until Jake's 15th birthday!!
Jari flew 600kms in JJ, while Wolli enjoyed flying in ES. Terry is on his way home from Mildura -100km out. Temperature at 1500hrs 43 degrees!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cloud base 12,000 feet

Sean (above) had gliding instruction in the Blanik today with Eddie

Congratulations to Stefan (above) who achieved his diamond distance today with a flight of 522kms.

Fantastic effort from Yari who flew an FAI triangle of 1029.6 kms

Terry also had a great day flying 976 kms.

Dave, after a late start chalked up 250kms while Tim flew 355kms to Hay and back. Glenda
continued instruction with Eddie in the Blanik. Temperature at 1500hrs 40.3 degrees.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good flying

Yesterday - Ken and Sugano washing the vintage T21 prior to flying.

Graeme (above with Eddie in the Blanik) discovered the Tocumwal golf course from above this afternoon.

Stefan once again had another great flight of 363kms in KYO

Max certainly enjoyed his Father's Day gift with an air experience flight in the Blanik

Nathan from Corowa came to visit with his Nanna and had a great time watching gliders launch as well as land. He certainly enjoyed sitting in the Blanik as well as a tour of our facilities with Jake.

Jari had a great day flying 700kms in JJ -terrific effort. Tim headed off in the PIk and Terry & Ralph in the Janus. Temperature at 1500hrs 36 degrees.