Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anyone for iced coffee?

Kari & Tim (above) sharing a joke or two

Farewell to Michael, above with Dieter enjoying the serenity - see you next season Michael.

Ann (above) had a great first time gliding experience in GVY yesterday

Welcome back to the lovely Pam (above) with Petr.

Anyone for iced coffee? Seems a precedent has been set with Ralph, Petr, Joachim & Stephan regular morning visitors to the Pavillion.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glorious weather!

Farewell to Mark (above) with Ralph who spent a great week flying in the PW-5

Congratulations to Stephan (above) who flew over 800kms today in KYO. Terry & Ralph flew a 751km FAI triangle in ZAV while Petr took off late for a flight with an average speed of 119kms.

Joachim (above) had another terrific flight of over 350kms while Ralph enjoyed soaring for 200kms or so

Welcome to Kari (above) who arrived yesterday

Petr & Jake (above) about to take the EuroFox out to the grass strip

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Congratulations Jake

Congratulations to Jake who flew for the first time in LS4 KYO late this afternoon

Max (above) had a great first glider flight with Eddie in GVY this afternoon

Farewell to Pam & David (above) - hope to see you both again soon & thanks Pam for the great photos!

Barb & Terry headed out in the Janus CT this afternoon

David (above) discovered Tocumwal from above with Rolf in GVY

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go Stephan!!

Congratulations Stephan! - fantastic flight yesterday in KYO with tough conditions both at the beginning and end of the day. Ralph (above) helping Stephan prior to launching.

The lovely Pam (above) enjoyed soaring with Ralph in GVY

Mark (above) has had some great flying in the PW-5 from Tocumwal airport

Michael & Terry (above) about to head out to the field with the Janus C-Turbo

Joachim (above) said it all when he landed today in IIE - Perfect!!
Temperature at 1500hrs 35 degrees. Cloud base a bit above 10,000 feet with Stephan still out in KYO

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Most enjoyable day!!

Ralph (above) caught sitting down on the job prior to launching today

Double trouble from Bendigo - Mark and David (above) had a most enjoyable day with really good flights

Ralph & Terry (above) about to launch in the Janus C Turbo

Jake (above) giving Stephan a hand - great smile Stephan!!

Joachim (above) gives the thumbs up for another great day.

8000 ft cloud base. Streeting with a fresh Northerly wind. Temperature at 1500hrs 33 degrees

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting warmer!!

Trevor & John (above) enjoyed some local flying in GVY yesterday

Welcome Mark, Joachim, Ralph and David (above) to SportAviation & pictured below Chris giving Terry a helping hand with the Ash 26

Stephan (above) preparing for another long flight in KYO and (below) KYO launching with Jake running the wing

Temperature at 1500hrs 32 degrees

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Congratulations Amir -500kms!!

Congratulations to Amir (above) who flew his first 500kms yesterday from Tocumwal Aerodrome. Fantastic effort!!
Doron pictured below preparing for his last flight from Tocumwal until next season.

Farewell Team Israel - Amir & Doron above with Eddie, have enjoyed some excellent gliding during their stay in Tocumwal. Next season can't come round quick enough!!

Deb & Rex (above) with Eddie discovered Tocumwal from above this afternoon with flights in GVY.
Sam (above) had a terrific first time glider flight with Eddie this afternoon in GVY

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Farewell Stefan & Welcome Stephan

John & Terry (above) enjoyed flying together in the Janus C-Turbo yesterday.

You can always tell when Swiss Chris (above with Michael) is here - superb jam donuts appear in the kitchen and no they don't last very long!!

Welcome to Stephan (above) with Jake who arrived yesterday.

John, Doron, Terry, Amir & Eddie relaxing at the end of another day's good gliding.

Farewell to Stefan (above) with Petr who leaves Tocumwal today. Look forward to seeing you again next season Stefan

Friday, January 13, 2012

Team Israel

Yesterday after a long flight Doron (above) chose an excellent paddock to land in outside Berrigan

Doron above with Amir safely back at Tocumwal Airfield after an aero-retrieve

Team Israel; Amir and Doron (above) ready for another day's gliding today

Michael (below) pictured putting away UE after a good flight yesterday and also bottom with Petr each under their respective flags.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go gliding!!

Peter (above) with Dieter enjoyed his first taste of gliding this afternoon.

Both Tania & Simon (above) with Petr & Eddie took to the skies in GVY for a birds eye view of Tocumwal.

Michael (above) chose a beautiful paddock for his first outlanding on Tuesday.

Likewise Amir (above) chose a great paddock to outland in and also met some lovely new friends; the McDonald family

Stefan (above) with Dieter preparing to launch this afternoon in HDK