Friday, April 25, 2014

Mild Autumn weather

 Leanne (above) with her daughter experienced the thrill of gliding for the first time.

 Keegan (above) had a fantastic trial instructional flight in the EuroFox.

 Marg (above) enjoyed a birds eye view of the Murray in the EuroFox with Eddie yesterday morning.

 Some pics of Wayne (above & below) enjoying the mild Autumn weather in the Pik 20D.

Thanks to Paula (above) for the great photos.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gil goes gliding.

 Gil (above) ticked gliding off his bucket list with a great flight in UIZ.

 Enjoying the campfire (above).

Congratulations to James and Colin who won best aircraft (above) in show at Temora with their replica three quarter Mustang P51.
Enjoying the sunshine. Breakfast in the caravan park (below)

Easter spirit

 The flying 'Nabateans' Bernadette and Vasant (above) stopped over in Tocumwal for Easter after visiting Kangaroo Island SA.

 All ears - Jake (above) gets into the Easter spirit.

 The UE syndicate- Graham, Rolf, Richard and David plus friends got together for dinner at the Tocumwal Golf Club. 

Graham (above) and Vasant (below) also got into the Easter spirit keeping their ears out for good thermals.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Edster Bunny!!

 Great to see Colin and James (above) who called in on their way to Temora yesterday.

 Both David (above) and Ben (below) went soaring for the first time with Eddie in UIZ. The verdict - awesome!!

Thanks to Johannes and Jutta for taking Max (above) back to Melbourne. Max is continuing his journey around Australia.

The Edster bunny (above) counting his eggs. Mmm........a few missing I think.