Friday, January 31, 2014

Short day for Terry & Ralph!

 Yesterday started off full of promise for Ralph & Terry pictured above preparing to launch in ZAV. Both were aiming for another good days soaring.

 However it was not to be...... Yes they chose a good paddock to outland in, were aero retrieved by Eddie and spent the rest of the day swimming in the Murray!

  What a great present! Jacqui's family woke up Christmas morning to find a glider flight in their stockings. Mana, Olivia and Mum, Jacqui (above) with Eddie.

 Olivia (above) getting ready to launch in the Twin Astir.

 Jeremy (above) enjoying the view over Tocumwal.

Dad, David (above) with Jeremy just prior to launching.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Brian!

 Shang (above) has been flying cross country in the EuroFox Nose wheel.

 Great to see Kari back while Michael has headed home. Joachim and Stephan have been flying most days.

 Glenda and Laurel (above) enjoyed the long weekend.

 Happy birthday to Brian (above) who celebrated his birthday with a glider flight.

 Mark (above) and (below) with Lothar is spending a few days gliding at SportAviation.

Ed (above) sittin' down on the job.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weather cooler

 Congratulations to Chris (above) who flew from Kingaroy to Tocumwal in VCX - fantastic effort!!

 Great to have Joachim (above) and Stephan (below) back flying IIE and KYO respectively.

 Stephan, Eddie and Joachim (above) enjoying the sunshine.

 Welcome to Ludger (above) who has enjoyed a few days flying in the Janus with Terry to hone his cross country skills..

Farewell to our Japanese friends; Hiro, Takeshi, Hiroshi and Nobu (not pictured). This week they made the local newspaper with their various achievements in gliding - terrific!!

The weather has cooled down after some extremely hot days!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two super days!!

Congratulations to Hiro and Takeshi (above). Hiro achieved his Gold "C" height in LS4 KYO while Takeshi flew 500kms in the Pik 20-D yesterday.

 Takeshi (above) and Hiro (below) - terrific flying!!

 Nobu (above & below) celebrating his Gold "C" height and Diamond distance - fantastic!!

 Grong-Grong boys (above) Takeshi, Hiro, Taguchi and Nobu have had some excellent soaring these past few days.
Two consecutive days - two one thousand km flights - Magnificent effort Terry!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First 300Kms!!

 A toast to Ib (above) for a very Happy Birthday!!

 Verner, Ib and Ole (above) about to head for home. We have had a great time with these lovely gentlemen from Denmark and look forward to seeing them all again next season.

 Despite the heat Gary and Chris (above) had an enjoyable afternoon gliding with Mike.

 John (above) decided to get back into gliding after a few years away while Clint (below) had his first time gliding experience with Mike in UIZ.

 Congratulations to Hiroshi (above) who completed his Gold Distance and Diamond Goal yesterday with a 300km flight and Nobu (below) who completed his Gold height -Fantastic effort!!

 Hiro, Hiroshi, Nobu and Takeshi (below) have been enjoying their flights and trying to keep cool when on the ground. The temperature at present 1700hrs is 46.5 degrees.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Congratulations Ib & Verner!

 Congratulations to Ib & Verner (above) who flew a Danish distance record on three declared turning points yesterday in a 20 metre two seater glider. Turning points were 1. Merriwagga, 2. Tocumwal and 3. Carrathool. - Record distance flown was 753.7 kms. Fantasic effort!!!

 Ole (above & below) has had some excellent flights in LS4 HDK over the past two days.

Temperature yesterday at 1500hrs was 36 degrees.

Welcome Grong Grong boys!

 A warm welcome to Grong-Grong boys -Takeshi, Hiroshi, Hiro and Nobu (above).

 Stefan and Klaus (above) with Verner, Eddie, Ib and Ole enjoyed their visit to SportAviation and hope to return again next season.

 Great to see Michael (above) back flying the DG-600.

Shane (above) had a terrific first time gliding flight with Mike in the Twin Astir.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome back!

 Welcome back to Klaus (above and below) getting ready to launch in the Pik 20-D.

 A warm welcome also to Ib and Verner (above) with Michael.
 Generally does take three to fill a bucket and of course there's no show without..............
 Great to welcome Ole (above) and Stefan (below) back to Tocumwal once again.

 Michael (above) is enjoying flying the Twin Astir with Eddie.
 Birthday boys Max (above) and Jeff (below) both had fantastic flights with Eddie in UIZ.