Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Ken

Leo (centre) flew into SportAviation yesterday in his new aircraft. Jake, Chris, Liam & Terry were all interested admirers

Welcome to Ken (above with Eddie) who arrived today

Ken (above) took friend David soaring in his magnificent glider

Friday, October 22, 2010

Farewell Stephan & Aljoscha

Thanks Terry for this great shot of Lake Urana (above) that has water in it for the first time in many years

Also great to see the "Ag" planes busy for the first time in a few years

Farewell to Stephan & Aljoscha above with Liam who head home to Germany today. We look forward to their return.

Golfers, Kevin & Barry discovered the Tocumwal Golf Course from above gliding with Eddie in GVY
Temperature today 27.4 degrees

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great day for gliding!

Bernice (above) had a great flight with Eddie in the EuroFox this morning

Robyn (above) and Joey (below) both experienced wonderful flights with Eddie in GVY this afternoon

Great to see Wayne (above) take to the skies with his first flight of the season in GVY with Eddie

Stephan & Aljoscha headed out late morning in the Janus CT and are still flying at present. Terry and Dave also enjoyed the conditions with good flights in EPC and HDK respectively.

Lovely day - even better tomorrow. Temperature at 1500hrs a pleasant 25 degrees

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dave goes gliding

Aljoscha (above & below) spent time late this morning doing thermal entry and lookout training with Eddie in the Janus CT

Liam (above) in the Maule gives the thumbs up for another pleasant day at SportAviation

Yesterday, Stephan and Aljoscha (above) headed out in the EuroFox enjoying a sight seeing tour of the country side

Golfer, Dave (above) took time out to go gliding with Eddie in the Janus CT this afternoon. Dave said "It was fantastic" and can't wait to come back next year for another flight!!

Temperature at 1500hrs 21 degrees.
Thermals to 4000 feet, sky clear - light winds

Monday, October 18, 2010

From the cockpit

Liam took a photo from the cockpit of the Maule of Stephan & Aljoscha getting ready to launch in ZAV. Stephan & Aljoscha went on to soar for over five hours (no engine)

Terry (above) in PC with helpers Craig & Bob preparing to launch.

Very unstable day - 4 knot thermals to 4000 feet.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday flying continues

Eddie & Liam (above) in the Maule

After a late lunch Stephan and his son Aljoscha (above) take to the skies in GVY

Terry and his son Xavier (above) also made the most of the weather flying in the Janus

Welcome back to Chris (above) with Eddie preparing for his check flight

Eddie & Stephan (below) getting ready to fly the EuroFox with Aljoscha looking on

Aljoscha goes gliding!!

Last Monday John (above with Eddie) had a great time soaring in GVY

Liam, Stephan and Aljoscha (above) in the new SportAviation briefing room

Eddie (above) explaining the cockpit layout to Aljoscha

Aljoscha & Eddie getting set to launch in GVY late this morning

Gliding has been on hold over the past four days due to the continuous rain - 106ml. This is the most rain we have had in October since 1974! Meanwhile, Stephan & Aljoscha have been patiently waiting for the weather to clear and this morning was the first opportunity to head skyward.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thermals to 6,500 ft

Liam (above) relaxing after giving the Maule a clean

David (above) enjoyed some great local flying this afternoon in HDK

A warm welcome to Aljoscha & Stephan from Germany (above) with Terry and Jake.

Eddie (above) in IIE also took advantage of the good weather soaring for a few hours

Morning NE jet wind slowly moderated to give us a nice cumulus cloud street. Thermals to 6,500 feet. Temperature at 1500hrs 25 degrees

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome Ray!

Farewell to Vasant & Bernadette who have enjoyed great conditions over the past few days soaring in GVY (above)

Liam (above) taking photos to send back home

Welcome back to Ray (above) looking dapper as usual after a good flight this afternoon

Temperature at 1500hrs 27 degrees - just glorious October weather!!

Thanks Lothar - great photos!

Prabha, Mark, Shweta, Lothar and Jaikanth (above) in front of GVY

Prabha & Shweta above in front of the hangar

Above- Lothar, Jaikanth, Laurel, Prabha, Shweta and Jake.

Shweta (above) is all smiles after soaring with Lothar in GVY.

Jaikanth above and below had a great time with Lothar

Monday, October 4, 2010

Magic weather!

Liam & Terry (above) headed out in the Janus CT - As you can see the weather was magic!!

What a lovely pair of upstanding gentlemen - Bill & Dieter (above)

Aurevoir to Nicole & Richard (above) heading home after some great flying this long weekend.

Father & daughter - Julia (just arrived from Germany to-day) and Dad, Rolf enjoyed a wonderful flight together in GVY late this afternoon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Liam

A warm welcome to Liam (above) who arrived from the U.K. on Tuesday.

Vasant and Bernadette enjoyed soaring in GVY this afternoon.

Terry & Jake (above) in the Janus CT had a great local flight over the Murray.

Thanks Tim (above) for tugging this weekend and the lovely Laurel for all her wonderful help.

Another fantastic weekend in Paradise

Great weather for flying!

What a line up!! Yesterday, the 'Rolls Royce' club visited SportAviation and enjoyed a talk from Bob Brown about the history of the airfield

Great to see Marlise & Peter (above) who have been camping in the van park. The grass is just starting to spread with the warmer weather.

Lothar and friends (above) pictured in front of the IS28. Lothar had a busy weekend making the most of the great weather with lots of soaring.

Vasant, Bernadette & Nicole enjoying a cuppa between Vasant's flights.

Jake & Terry (above) getting the Janus ready for a flight this afternoon.

Richard had a great flight yesterday in UE. He also headed skyward again today.