Sunday, February 28, 2010

Violent thunderstorms

To-day, Tony (above) and on Wednesday Jane (below) both had great flights with Eddie in GVY

On Friday & Saturday we experienced 760 lightning strikes with severe thunderstorms. During the week father and son, Dennis & Shaun continued their training in the EuroFox. Ray also took to the skies in his Boomerang. Terry self launched in EPC with a good flight. Late yesterday Mike did some familiarization circuits with Eddie in the IS28. Bob and Daniel took advantage of today's fine weather with flights in the EuroFox. Welcome back to Chris who has returned from his overseas holiday.
Temperature at 1500 hrs 26 degrees

Youtube Jake 1st Solo

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Zach!!

Many happy returns to Zach who celebrated his 19th birthday today. The birthday cake was delicious!!
Temperature at 14:45hrs 38 degrees

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jane & Richard try gliding

Jane (above) and Richard (below) from England had great flights with Eddie in the Janus CT this afternoon. Friends Pete & Lyn thought this would the perfect present when they recently travelled to England for Jane & Richard's wedding.

Farewell to Kari (above) who was so busy doing the annual inspection on JJ that he missed his train back to Melbourne yesterday. Luckily Zach was available to drive. Hope you're on time to catch that plane home Kari!!! Farewell to Chris (below) who has enjoyed flying with Eddie in GVY over the past few days. Chris flies back to Hong Kong late this evening.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birger lands at Boomanoomana

Kari chose Berrigan airfield to outland for his last flight at SportAviation

Great to see Rod (above) who spent the afternoon in IIE

Birger (above) also chose a great place to outland at Boomanoomana this afternoon. Farewell to Birger who heads back to Melbourne tomorrow then home to Sweden.

Chris continued cross country training with Eddie.
Temperature at 1500 hrs 32 degrees

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zach flying

Zach and Kieth running a cloud street
Ben and his mates came up for a few days to try gliding again . Ben was part of the Army Cadet program and now is on his way to commercial pilot

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tessa tries gliding

Chris (above) flew with Eddie to Oaklands and Cubbin Mine checking out possible outlanding fields

Tessa (above) enjoyed her air experience flight so much that she hopes to be back later in the year to continue training with Eddie.

Chris continued training in GVY this afternoon and Shaun ended the day with instruction in the EuroFox. Ben and the gang from Melbourne arrived (photos tomorrow) to try gliding.
Temperature at 1500hrs a mild 28 degrees.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Farewell Yogi and Junzo - Welcome Chris

Welcome to Chris (above) who is flying cross country with Eddie

After putting JJ to bed Kari (above) heads to the kitchen for his daily Eskimo Pie (icecream)

Zach, Birger & Terry discussing the pros and cons of the Sonneray

Farewell to Yogi and Junzo (above with Zach & Jake) who leave for home tomorrow

Kari, Birger, Yogi and Junzo enjoyed the fruits of a late start with unforecast strong conditions up to 6000 feet. Chris and Eddie flew 240 kms cross country in GVY.
Temperature at 1500hrs 30 degrees

Friday, February 12, 2010

Improving conditions

Peter (above with Eddie) has continued to hone his skills in the EuroFox

John from Tasmania made the most of his short stay in Tocumwal with a few flights in the EuroFox

Junzo pictured with IIE has enjoyed some local flights over the past few days

Birger, Yogi and Junzo made the most of the improving conditions all heading off this afternoon for local flying. Temperature at 1500hrs 28 degrees.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome John and Rod from Tasmania

Rod (above) had a great flight with Eddie in the EuroFox this afternoon

Birger (above) enjoyed some local flying in KYO

A pilot's work is never done!! Kari (above) washing JJ after a flight of over 550kms today

Yogi and Junzo flew locally while Terry clocked up 575kms. Welcome to John and Rod (first picture) both from Tasmania doing some training in the EuroFox
Temperature at 1500hrs 33.5 degrees

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome Yogi, Junzo, Birger and Peter

Yogi, Junzo, Birger, Kari and Tim (just out of the picture) with Eddie at today's weather briefing

Yogi (above) with Zach and Jake after his flight in the Pik 20-D this afternoon

Peter (above) travelled up to SportAviation for the weekend to congratulate Jake on his first solo.

Another great picture from Zach -showing (in the mirror) Jake in the Blanik being towed by the Maule. Jake flew three solo flights yesterday before celebrating with a delicious chocolate cake made by his Mum. Jake also wished to pass on his thanks and appreciation to Stephan Soelle, John Dyson and Terry Ryan for all their wonderful assistance with his flying career so far.

A big welcome to Yogi, Junzo, Birger and Peter. Yogi, Junzo and Birger have all enjoyed good flights today in UIR, IIE and KYO respectively. Peter is flying the EuroFox. Kari and Dave also took to the skies with cloudbase of 6000 feet.
Temperature at 1500 hours 32.6 degrees

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Congratulations Jake - Solo

A big congratulations to Jake (top) who went solo in the Blanik this afternoon. Eddie, Zach (tow pilot) and Rolf (instructor) (above) congratulate Jake.

Eddie & Jake after Jake's superb landing.

Jake's proud Mum & Dad (Marg & Nev) along with brothers Shaun and Dale were over the moon with Jake's solo performance

from all of us at SportAviation
We wish you many wonderful flying days!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zach has a great flight in KYO

Kari all set to launch in JJ

Zach runs the wing for Kari

Zach after landing in KYO late this afternoon

Zach enjoyed a great flight of 321kms today. He increased his top speed by 10kms/hour in strong winds with an average of 25 knots. Kari spent over 5 hours flying in JJ with the remnants of the cyclone weather (formed near Darwin 6 days ago) cutting off the thermals at 1730hrs. Temperature at 1500hrs 36 degrees

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flying homework

James (above) has spent the past 2 days under instruction with Eddie

After school today, Jake had the sort of homework he loves - flying!!! Jake spent an hour or so with Rolf in GVY

Shaun enjoyed instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox yesterday - Yes another up and coming RAA pilot!

Great photos taken by Zach last week: above and below - Zach and Stephan having a great time in GVY

Yesterday saw Kari flying 599kms, Terry 459kms, Torsten & Peter having a good time in GVY and Bob flying local. Today Torsten enjoyed a local flight in the Pik 20D. All the best to Torsten who heads back to QLD early in the morning. Temperature at 1500hrs 35 degrees