Monday, January 31, 2011

Congratulations Vasant -Silver C

Congratulations to Vasant (above) who completed his Silver C this afternoon in KYO - Great effort!!

Andrew (above) with Eddie

Michael (above) and Patrick (below) have both travelled down from Sydney to fly in GVY with Eddie

Farewell to Ralph and Stephan (above) relaxing with Rhys, Liam and Eddie. Sadly both Stephan and Ralph head home today.

Vasant, Lothar, Karl, Terry, Kari, Ross, John and his lovely daughter Clare have all made the most of the day launching in their respective gliders.
Temperature at 1500hrs 40.5 degrees

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roger thrilled with flight

Roger (above) was thrilled with his glider flight in GVY this afternoon

Ralph & Eddie (above) had a great time in the Janus CT today

Huang (above) just prior to launching in the Janus CT for cross country instruction

Farewell to Joachim and the lovely Rosemarie who leave Tocumwal tomorrow.

International Day

We celebrated Australia Day with a lovely crew of international guests all enjoying an Aussie BBQ

The Rees family (above) were all stamped up with the Aussie flag

Kelly's was the venue for a night out farewelling both Mark and Jari. We look forward to seeing them next season
We hoisted the Chinese flag in honour of our Chinese friends (above)

Welcome to Santa's little helper Kari (above) - way too early for Christmas though!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Congratulations Jake - Solo IS28

Liam (above) had a rewarding flight in the PW late Monday afternoon

Little Fu (above) with Eddie, Andrew and his Dad went soaring in GVY yesterday. He hopes to have many more flights!!

Congratulations to Jake (above) with Stephan - Solo in the IS28. After his first flight Jake went on to complete a further 2 solo flights. Fantastic effort!!

Of course now Jake (above) with Karl has his eye on the ASH-31

Terry & Mark (above) discussing the merits of the Janus C-Turbo

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lovely Cumulus to 8,500 feet

Stephanie (above) had an enjoyable flight early this afternoon with Eddie in GVY

Tug Pilot Liam (above) doing a bit of study in between launches

Joachim, Rosemarie and Ralph (above) relaxing on the couch

Chris (above) just landed after another good flight in CH

Mr Ji (above with Eddie) has been having gliding instruction in GVY

The good old boys have enjoyed excellent flying today with climbs to 8,500 feet.
Terry, Jari, Stephan, Rolf, Chris, Mark, Joachim, Ralph and Karl all taking to the skies.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visitors from China

Joseph (above with Eddie in GVY) enjoyed discovering Tocumwal from the skies this morning

Terry and Mark (above) preparing to launch this afternoon

Karl (above) in VCW just prior to self-launching today

A warm welcome to our friends from China above with Jake and Eddie.
Temperature at 1500hrs 35 degrees -Another day in paradise!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Peter goes gliding!

Peter (above) with his grandchildren and Jake experienced gliding for the first time this afternoon

Ralph and Joachim (above) having a chat prior to launching

Stephan (above with Jake & below) ready to launch in KYO

Mark (above) looking very relaxed in the PW-5. Mark had a fantastic flight of over 6 hours yesterday.
Temperature at 1500hrs a very pleasant 35 degrees

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cumulus abound

Ralph (above) in HDK and Joachim (below) in IIE preparing to launch this morning

Stephan (above) in KYO has already had two great flights in very difficult conditions so with the plentiful cumulus today no doubt another excellent flight is in the making

Jari (above) and Terry (below) both headed off early making the most of the developing day

Karl and Mark have also launched with Dave & Ross just arriving to do likewise. A fantastic day for soaring!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Flags flying high

Both the Finnish and German flags are flying high at present

Welcome to Joachim (above) and Mark (below) who are both at SportAviation for a fortnight of good flying

Late start with conditions improving later in the day. Ralph, Stephan, Jari and Joachim all took to the skies in their respective gliders.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Warming up

Great to see Ken (above with Eddie) call in and join us for morning tea today

Peter and Karen (above and below with Eddie) both enjoyed discovering the world from above late this afternoon in GVY

Welcome to SportAviation to Ralph & Stephan (above)

Top temperature at 1500hrs 34 degrees

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello Sunshine!!

Farewell to Klaus, above with Dieter and Johannes enjoying a B.B.Q. last evening.

Jake & John (above) took to the skies in GVY this afternoon

Farewell also to Jacek (above) with Eddie for a final flight in the Janus this afternoon.
We look forward to seeing both Klaus and Jacek return to SportAviation in the future.
It was great to see the sun shining today after quite a few days of rain. Chris, Jari, Ralf, Dave and Terry also made the most of the blue skies with some soaring today.
Temperature at 1500hrs 31 degrees

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wayne's first glider flight

Wayne (above) had a great first time experience gliding in the Janus late this morning

Liam & Eddie (above) took the opportunity to go soaring this afternoon in the Janus

Jari (above) and Karl (below) preparing to launch earlier today

Congratulations to Terry (above) who flew over 800kms yesterday. Also yesterday, Jasek and Eddie flew over 300kms while Jari, Chris & Rolf all recorded excellent flights