Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter coming fast!!

Sadly, lifetime pilot and good friend Ray Waller passed away last week. Fond memories of Ray our ours to treasure. A true gentleman who made the world a better place.
 Rob (above) has been taking advantage of the good weather riding his motorbike over for instruction in the EuroFox.
 Nicholas (above) with his enthusiastic ground crew had a fantastic first time gliding experience in the twin astir.

Ah the serenity!! Brenda & Brian (above) are all set up for a few weeks camping in the caravan park.

Looks like Easter is coming around fast!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mild weather!!

 Golfers, Geoff, Bob and Theo (above) experienced gliding for the first time earlier in the week.
Verdict -Terrific!!

 Great to see Glenda and Graham who called in for the weekend.

 Chris (above) with the lovely Beth completed his biannual flight review.

Tow pilot James (above) has had a busy summer!

Weather a lot milder now with thermals through to about 7000ft.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

UE at sunset

 Harry (above) and John & Chris (below) all experienced terrific flights with Eddie in UIZ.

 Rob (above) is continuing instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox nose wheel.

 Kevin & Geoff (above) enjoyed their first glider flights so much that they returned for another soaring experience.

 A great photo of UE at sunset taken by Richard.

 Golf was put on hold when Derek (above) took to the skies in the Twin Astir.

Cumulus (above) forming from the stubble fire.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Labour Day long weekend

 Mark (above) enjoyed his first instructional flight in the EuroFox with Eddie this morning and (below) experienced gliding also for the first time this afternoon. Terrific!!

 Richard and Nicole (above) have had a pleasant few days at SportAviation.

 John (above) preparing to launch in YZT.

 Wayne, Paula, Tim and Laurel (above) enjoying a bit of down time over the weekend.

 Wayne (above) has had some good flights in the Pik 20D.

 Kay and Benne (above)  experienced gliding for the first time. Verdict -fantastic!!

Rolf (above) picked a lovely afternoon to go for a flight in the Twin Astir.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time is Marching On!

 Farewell to Shinji, Shiro and Soichi (above and below) with Eddie taking down the Japanese flag.
We hope to see you all in 2016!!

 Bill (above) uploading his flight to the OLC.

 John, pictured above with his lovely wife had a fabulous air experience flight with Rolf in UIZ.

 Judi (above) enjoyed her birthday gift soaring with Eddie in the Twin Astir.

 Terrific to see Rod (above) who has had the best of both worlds during his stay -gliding and flying with Ed in the EuroFox.
 Scott (above) had a great first time flight with Eddie in the Nose Wheel.

 Eddie and Tim (above) checking out the weather.

Lachlan (above) had a good flight with Ed- flying home from Horsham. 

Temperature today at 1500hrs 29 degrees. March already - will be Easter before we know it! Time goes fast when you're having fun!!