Friday, November 29, 2013

Peter takes to the skies

 A warm welcome to Stephan and Ralph (above). Stephan and Ralph got together in the Janus C Turbo for some dual soaring.

 Terry (above) has started the season off well with some excellent flights in the Ash 26E.

 Peter (above) took to the skies with Eddie in the Twin Astir enjoying a fantastic flight!

 It's lovely to have Hannu (above) back in Tocumwal again. 

Stephan (above) is all smiles as he prepares KYO for soaring today.

Bev has great first glider flight

 Richard, Nicole, Jean and Francoise (above) about to head back to Sydney after spending a week or so enjoying the hospitality at SportAviation. Hope to see you all again soon!!

  Mark, Richard and Rolf (above) thinking about launching.

 Lunch is on - Nicole and Francoise prepared a very healthy lunch for Richard and Jean each day.

 Bev (above) with her partner, had a great first glider flight with Eddie in UIZ.

 Lovely to see Rod and Rick (above) call in on their way through.

Marks prayers (above) were answered with some good weather over the weekend.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Congratulations Kon!

 Congratulations to Kon (above with Eddie & Lothar) who flew a personal best of over 300kms in IIE over the weekend. Fantastic effort!!

 At long last John has bought his lovely wife Vicki (in the red hat) up to see us. Good friends Helen, Dave, Linda and Andrew also enjoyed the afternoon at SportAviation. Both Helen and Andrew had a great time gliding with John while Andrew also went flying in the EuroFox with Eddie.

 John and Chris (above) with Eddie talking the talk!

 Chris and Ashley (above and below) took to the skies in the Twin Astir. Ashley really enjoyed the flight!!
Temperature yesterday at 1500hrs 29 degrees and today 32degrees. Getting warmer by the day!!
Both Terry and Lothar have had good flights over the past few days and today looks like another good one!

Welcome to the French connection

A very warm welcome to Jean and Francoise who have travelled to Tocumwal with Richard and Nicole. Richard and Jean (above) about to launch in the Janus C-T while Lachlan (below) was lucky enough to be in the middle of two very lovely French ladies -Nicole and Francoise.

Ah yes where will we go today?? Jean, Terry, Richard and Lothar (above) enjoying the weather briefing with Eddie.

Bruce (above) had a fantastic flight with Terry in the Janus.

Andrew made the most of the smooth conditions and took his gorgeous wife Sharon for for a flight in the EuroFox nosewheel.

Rolf (above) timed his landing in IUE well (by the look of those clouds).

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Young Brandon takes to the skies

Young Brandon (above) had his first taste of gliding in the Twin Astir with Eddie.

 Tim (above) enjoying the moment!

 Eddie and Jake (above) make the most of the opportunity to do some soaring together.

 Great to see Keith (above) getting back into gliding.

 Hank (above & below) had a good time flying with Eddie in the EuroFox.

We have enjoyed 25ml of rain since Monday. Everything is looking green and fresh!
Temperature today at 1500hrs 19 degrees.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Congratulations Norm!!

 Rob (above) had a great time soaring with Rolf in the Twin astir.

 Lovely to see Tim and Laurel who flew up in the Maule for the long weekend.

 Congratulations to Norm (above) who completed his cross country endorsement in the EuroFox nose wheel.
 Mark (above) has been having instruction in the tail dragger with Eddie.

 Jutta and Bracey (above) comparing injury notes.

Eddie (above) couldn't resist trying out Juttas' electric bike.