Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome Stephan & Niklas

 Jerry (above) enjoying instruction with Ed in the EuroFox.

 A warm welcome to Stephan & Niklas above with Eddie and Ralph. Hello to Aljosha studying hard back home in Germany.

 Stephan and Niklas have had some good flights in the Twin Astir.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hot today - 32 degrees and dry.

Liberator Place is popular not only with the kookaburras (below) as half the blocks have sold already!

 Seems beards are also very popular this season! John and Terry (above) preparing to launch YZT.

 Great to see Ralph (above) with James, Eddie, Bernadette and Vasant. Ralph put in a few days gliding last week.

 Ian (above) has been enjoying instruction in the EuroFox nose wheel with Eddie.

 A birds eye view (above) of the Tuppal Food & Fibre Festival held over the weekend.

 Eddie went out to the festival and guess who he saw????????

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Temp 29 degrees at 1500hrs.

 Deb (above) had a great flight with Eddie this morning in the Twin Astir.

 Lovely to see Bernadette (above) and Vasant (below) in Tocumwal for a few days flying.

 Lachlan (above) with John & Charlie enjoyed some Eurofoxing.

 Sisters, Shannon (above) & Jaimee (below) were all smiles after gliding with Eddie.

 Dad, Paul (below) couldn't resist a flight either!

 Andrew took Scott (above) for a birds eye view over Tocumwal in the nose wheel.

Double trouble!! Nathan above with Andrew.