Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nice undercarriage!!

 Tim, Kari and Chris (above) enjoying a joke. Very nice undercarriage!! (below).

 The lovely Laurel (above) doing some pre flight checks.

 Mike, John, Ed, Tim, Paula and the gorgeous Inka (above) enjoying a coffee.

Mike and Ed (above) checking the LS4.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Congratulations Masashi!!

 Happy Birthday to Mike (above) looking extremely youthful for 85!!.

 Masashi (above) and below with Eddie about to launch in IIE.

 Congratulations to Masashi (above) who achieved his Silver "C" in LS4 IIE. -Fantastic effort!!

 Taichi (above) did some flying with Eddie in the EuroFox nosewheel.

Farewell to our Japanese friends; Masashi, Nobuyuki and Taichi. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Friday, February 14, 2014

49 years of wedded bliss!!

 Congratulations to Bjorn & Lis (above & below) who celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary while staying at SportAviation. Bjorn and Lis have now headed for Melbourne to continue their holiday. We can hardly wait to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!!

 Welcome to Masashi, Nobuyuki and Taichi from Japan (above) with Mike.

 Masashi (above) prepares to launch in the Twin Astir.

 Nobuyuki (above) having instruction with Mike in UIZ.

 Taichi (above) has been flying LS4 HDK.

 Nobuyuki, Jake and Taichi (above) getting ready for a photo shoot and team Japan (below).

Monday, February 10, 2014

Coffee anyone?

 John and Terry (above) took to the skies in the Janus C Turbo.

 Bjorn (above) getting ready to launch in KYO.

 Rolf (above) enjoyed a taste of gliding with Eddie in the Twin Astir.

Coffe anyone? Mike (above) relishing the ambience of the 'Pavillion' and the iced coffee was excellent too!

 Masaaki (above) and Shinjiro (below) have had some good soaring in the Pik 20D and LS4 IIE respectively.

 Maki (above) has enjoyed flying in IIE achieving his Gold C height along the way-Well done!!

Farewell to Maki, Marko, Masaaki and Shinjiro (above) with Jake, Eddie and Mike. We hope to see you all again next season.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cool change

 Farewell to Ludger (above) with wife Min and Eddie. Ludger has enjoyed flying in HDK, UIR and also with Terry in the Janus C-Turbo. 

 Welcome to Masaaki, Marko, Maki and Shinjiro (above) who have travelled from Japan for a week of gliding.

 Shinjiro (above) and Maki (below) flew with Eddie in the EuroFox tail dragger for their site checks.

 Bjorn (above) with Mike helping to put the LS4 to bed.

 Kari (above) doing a bit of car maintenance in between flights.

Maximum temperature yesterday was 34.6 degrees so a welcome cool change compared to the above 40 degree days we've been experiencing.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Heat wave continues!

 A very warm welcome to Bjorn (above) who arrived with his lovely wife Lis a few days ago.

 Mark (above) enjoyed a weeks flying in the hot weather.

 Jake (above) has been kept busy towing.

 Farewell to Stephan (above and below). Stephan has had some terrific flights in LS4 KYO during the past fortnight. He has consistently flown over 500kms sometimes in difficult conditions.

 Farewell also to Joachim (above) who achieved some very good flights in LS4 IIE during his time with us.

 Ludger (above) is making the most of his stay in Tocumwal gliding every day.

 Great to see Mark (above) in the PW-5 over the weekend.

We have had nearly a week of high temperatures (38 - 43 degrees) so hope the change expected tomorrow will cool things down a bit!!