Monday, February 10, 2014

Coffee anyone?

 John and Terry (above) took to the skies in the Janus C Turbo.

 Bjorn (above) getting ready to launch in KYO.

 Rolf (above) enjoyed a taste of gliding with Eddie in the Twin Astir.

Coffe anyone? Mike (above) relishing the ambience of the 'Pavillion' and the iced coffee was excellent too!

 Masaaki (above) and Shinjiro (below) have had some good soaring in the Pik 20D and LS4 IIE respectively.

 Maki (above) has enjoyed flying in IIE achieving his Gold C height along the way-Well done!!

Farewell to Maki, Marko, Masaaki and Shinjiro (above) with Jake, Eddie and Mike. We hope to see you all again next season.