Sunday, June 21, 2015

Winter soltice

 Edward (above) had a terrific first time gliding experience with Rolf in UIZ.

 Nathan (above) is continuing with his training in the EuroFox nose wheel.

 It generally takes at least 2 pilots to operate the "Billy Goat" vacuum (above).

 One pilot in the hands on position and the other in the supervisory position.

 Yep..........we've just about got it all figured out!!!!

 Laurel (above) enjoyed a flight with Eddie in the tail dragger.

 Rolf and David (above) about to take UE to the launch point.

Darren, Tim and Eddie (above) discussing the merits of the EuroFox.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pleasant long weekend in Toc

 Tom (above) with Mum Raelene, is progressing well with his training.

 Great to see Geoff  and his son Luke (above) who flew in over the weekend.

 Congratulations to Nathan (above) on his first solo - great work!!

 Lunch anyone? Tim, Glenda, Graham and Laurel called in on their way through for a bite to eat.

 Mike (above) completed his B.F.R. during the week.

From gliders to power. Congratulations also to Mark (above) who flew his first solo in the EuroFox. Fantastic!!