Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aerobatic competition

Reinout (above) from Nowra has been having flight instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox tail dragger over the past few days. Reinout has also enjoyed the convenience of our onsite caravan park.
Ian (above) with instructor Rolf had a great impromptu flight in GVY yesterday

Brothers, Jake and Shaun (above) both just love flying in the EuroFox

Reinout, Jutta, Johannes, Eddie and Rolf watching the aerobatic competition with some incredible flying on display

Terrific to see Graham (above) call in for some flying!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another good day at last!

Noel (above) enjoyed his flights in the EuroFox with Eddie

Lothar (above) preparing to head out to 36

Ross (above foreground) and Ray (the phantom behind) blowing the cobwebs off their ships after the summer season that wasn't.

Eddie (above & below) assisting Terry with PC

Thermals to 6000 feet with cumulus
Temperature at 1500hrs 31 degrees

Monday, February 21, 2011

See you next year Kari

Kari (above) busy getting JJ ready to go in the trailer. Bye bye Santa's little helper till next year.

Congratulations to Lou (above) on his first solo flight in the EuroFox.

Peter (above) completed his bi-annual flight review and tail wheel endorsement

Jake (above) with John and Eddie after John's endorsement flight this afternoon

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good conditions

John (above) pictured in front of HDK enjoyed an excellent flight yesterday

We were all sad to farewell Karl & Christel (above next to Eddie) and hope that they have a safe journey home and definitely come back to visit us one day.

Doron (above) had a huge grin after his great flight in KYO. Also, Bjorn (below) had made the most of the good conditions with a long flight in the Pik 20-D.

Bjorn & Lis (above) with Liam & Eddie headed for home today. Doron also was up early to catch his plane in Melbourne. We very much look forward to seeing them all again next season!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another pleasant Sunday

Sheung (above) enjoys her first glider flight in the Janus CT with Eddie

Young Shaun (above) is so keen on the EuroFox his next flight is already planned!

Another wonderful evening with friends- Bjorn, Lis, Kari, Laurel, Christel, Karl, Doron, Tim & Eddie. A few drinks and lots of tall tales!!

Doron & Eddie (above) prepare to take to the skies in the EuroFox

Great photo by Liam - sky looks brilliant

Friday, February 11, 2011

Liam's blog

Shang (above) enjoys a rewarding first flight in the sophisticated Eurofox 2k.

"Man and machine in perfect harmony"

"Eurofox tug Bandit on your six o'clock"......Aerotow pilot and photographer....... somehow at the same time...!

......Dashing...just plain dashing.

ありがとう (thank you)
(間) さようなら, バイバイ(別れの挨拶) (goodbye)
Yogi and Junzo

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good weather at last!!

Liam (above) in the EuroFox was all smiles after passing his RAA flight test.

Junzo & Yogi (above) both enjoyed good flights today

Doren (above) with Liam had a great first flight in an LS4 yesterday

Domenico (above) from Italy was impressed with the EuroFox after his flight with Eddie this morning.

Welcome back to Bjorn (above) with Liam who is back in Tocumwal with his lovely wife Lis

Thermals up to 7000 feet with scattered cumulus and light winds
Temperature at 1500hrs 30 degrees

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blue skies

Santa's little helper, pictured above with Christel and Karl is still insisting on wearing his fluffy Christmas ear muffs!!!

A warm welcome to Yogi (above) and Junzo who recently arrived from Japan for gliding

Doron (above and below) has been enjoying cross country flying in the Janus C Turbo

Weather remains quite mild with blue skies

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A couple of very wet days!!

Patrick & Michael (above) with Eddie had a great few days gliding with us

Welcome to Doran (above) who has been enjoying gliding instruction with Eddie

It's a good life for some!! Kari (above) enjoying a cuppa

We had quite a bit of rain on Friday and Saturday (100 ml) but the skies have cleared today so it's back into gliding