Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fantastic effort Juerg!!

After yesterdays scorcher of 44 degrees Dave, Bob and Jake (top) prepared early for today's flights. A big welcome to Matthias and his wife Ophelia. Matthias working in Shanghai at present is with us for a weeks gliding. Hai (above with Matthias) lives in Shenzhen which is just next door to Shanghai. Its a small world!! Bob in HD has recently landed after a good flight. Everybody else is still out as conditions are great!! Temp. today at 1500hrs 43.4.
Late report at 2110hrs: Dave 436 kms, Mads made a good choice - outlanding at Jerilderie Airport. Ingo after a late start flew approx. 600kms and a fantastic effort from Juerg in CH flying approx. 850kms. Cloud base 14ooo feet.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another hot day!!

Mads (top) had a great flight of approx. 725kms today. He flew to Swanhill, Jerilderie and home with cloud base of 12,000 feet at Nth Jerilderie. Terry (bottom with Kelly) headed out to Benalla, then Swanhill, Moulamein and home. Ingo and Ralph in VRD also enjoyed their flight together. Temp. at 1500hrs 42 degrees. Stephan and Jan are preparing for their trip home tomorrow. Eddie and Hai kept busy in the EuroFox with flights in the morning, after lunch and evening

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fantastic effort Jan & Stephan!!

Jan and Stephan (top) both flew their declared tasks of 750kms yesterday in the LS4s. Today both flew a declared FAI triangle of 802kms. Jan landed having flown 917kms in total while Stephan flew 904kms. Fantastic effort!! Terry flew 761kms in PC. Hai (above) continued his instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox. Temp. at 1500hrs 42 degrees with another hot day expected tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Last evening we celebrated Australia Day (top) with a typical Aussie BBQ. Tow pilot Ian (2nd top) took charge of the cooking with outstanding results!! A great night was had by all. Laura from Tatura (2nd bottom) enjoyed her first lesson with Eddie in the EuroFox this morning. After lunch Laura headed off with Tim to experience gliding in the Blanik. Great to have a choice of two different types of flying!! Bracey, Tim and Laurel (bottom) headed home mid afternoon in the Mooney after a relaxing weekend. Both Jan and Stephan had good flights this afternoon in the LS4s. Lothar and Ingo chose good paddocks to outland this evening.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shaun has first gliding lesson

Eddie and Jake headed off early this morning for Ed's bi-annual with Wally in Narrandah. Stephan took Jake flying in the Blanik on his return a few hours later. Jan (top) has just landed after enjoying a five hour flight in IIE. Stephan (bottom) is 5 miles out at present. Shaun (2nd top) had his first lesson with Eddie in the Blanik today. Dad, Graham (glider and power pilot) was really proud of Shaun's decision to start lessons. Peter from Watsonia (2nd from bottom) had a fantastic flight with Eddie this afternoon in the Blanik. Next he is going flying in the EuroFox. Great to see Dave who had a good flight in HDK this afternoon. This evening we have been joined by Pete and Ginny. So lovely to see them both!! Mads and Pete headed home today with Mads coming back next week for a fortnight. Thanks to Ian, Jake, Tim and Laurel for your great assistance once again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Farewell Mr Wang

Last evening Lauren from Melbourne (above) had her second lesson in the EuroFox with Eddie. This morning started off early with Jake and Stephan heading off in the Blanik for a short flight. Farewell to Mr Wang (middle) who leaves for China tomorrow. Mr Wang had a busy day: first training with Ingo this morning and then later in the afternoon with Eddie. Great to see Mads and Peter who called in today. Chris enjoyed a good flight in CH while Jeurg took a couple of friends soaring in the Blanik. Great to see Peter, Mads, Laurel and Tim who arrived today. Guy an aerobatic pilot put on a terrific display for the gang (top) after his glider flight with Eddie this evening. Thanks to Ian for tugging and Jake our fantastic field runner.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Farewell Kari

Kari did his washing early yesterday morning in preparation for leaving today. However, we had strong winds together with a (red) dust storm and some rain so the washing had to be re-done and early this morning Kari (above) hung it on Cheryl's line. Farewell and thanks to Kari who had a great time with us for six weeks. Stephan and Jake (top) organising their next flight for tomorrow after flying together in the Blanik this afternoon. Mr Wang also continued his training in the Blanik. Great to see Norm, Nathan and Mitch from Merimbula who called in this afternoon to organise training with Eddie in their all metal Slingsby two seater.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gliders and Ultralights

Emily (top) had a great flight with Eddie in the EuroFox this evening. Jan (second from top) and Terry enjoyed their flights in IIE and PC respectively. Mr Wang continued training with Ingo in the Blanik while Kari (2nd from bottom) spent most of the day preparing JJ for storage. Hai (directly above) had instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox late this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Congratulations to Rudy (above) from Switzerland who achieved his RAA Pilot certificate today with Eddie in the EuroFox. Amid storms to the North Jan flew 859kms and Terry 799kms. Mr Wang had a busy day flying cross country with Ingo. Kari chose a good paddock for outlanding in Oaklands. Stephan, Bob, Dave, Hana, Ralf and Neil all took to the skies with some good flights.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Big blue day

Eddie above relaxing between tows

Welcome to Stephan and Jan who arrived this morning. Jan has just landed in IIE after a 7 hour flight (621Kms). Stephan landed at 20:30hrs flying 676kms in KYO. Welcome also to Mr Wang (above) and Hai who arrived early this evening from China. Mr Wang enjoyed a flight with Eddie in the EuroFox. Hana, Ralf & Louis, Neil & Roger, Terry and Kari all had good flights. Terry to Hopetoun and return (619kms). Kari flying past Balranald and home (560kms), Neil and Roger flying 750kms in AA out to Darlington Pt. Ingo is still out making the most of the conditions. LOL to Kel who has just spent 3 weeks in the USA. We can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Juerg flies 618kms

Juerg (above) flew 618kms today almost making it to West Wylong then soaring back to Corrowa with a local triangle to finish in Toc. kari had a good day flying approx. 460kms. Temp. at 1500hrs 31.8 degrees. Also good to meet Fred and Charlie from Corrowa who called in today.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Swiss Chris arrives

Welcome back to Swiss Chris and Jeurg who arrived this morning. It didn't take Chris long to get back in the air. He enjoyed a leisurely flight in CH this afternoon. Also good to have a chat with Terry who called in this morning on his way to Tumbarumba in the Sonnerai. Kari has been busy doing a great job as the 'Fixit' man on various projects. Temp at 1500hrs 27 degrees.

Friday, January 16, 2009

From Finley to Finland

It was Finland vs Finley when Kari and Jake (above) got together today. While Jake from Finley would love to travel to Kari's homeland of Finland he made it clear that there is no way he'll be running wings over there!! Farewell to Mr Mori (below) who spent the afternoon with Eddie in the Blanik. Mr Mori leaves for Japan tomorrow. Great to see Bracey who arrived in the Mooney this afternoon. Bracey and Marg are heading off on holidays tomorrow. LOL to Kel who spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm. Tomorrow - Disneyland!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cool day

Lovely to see Mike and Carol (forefront) who called in today. Eddie and Mr Mori had a stint in the Blanik this afternoon with thanks to kari and Jake for their combined efforts in the air and on the field. After yesterday's scorcher it was a sigh of relief to have a cool change (not so good for gliding though). Temp. at 1500hrs 24.9 degrees. LOL to Kel and a big thankyou to Rudy, Anne and Amanda for looking after our girl.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pipped at the post!

Kari and Terry (above) both headed towards Ningan today. Kari flew 885kms pipping Terry with 858kms. Dave completed 363kms flying to Grong-Grong
and return. Rolfe and Mr Mori flew over 4 hours in the Blanik. Judy, Ingo, Neil and Ross made the most of the hot weather. It was a scorcher -43.5 degrees with due point minus eight degrees.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Excellent day

Tegan (above) in Toc on holidays had a great flight with Eddie in the EuroFox this morning. Hanna headed off at 11:13 in CH. Kari followedin JJ at 11:30am flying 660kms. Dave made the most of the pleasant conditions while Terry with a late start in PC flew 436kms. Ingo and Mr Mori in the Blanik went to Holbrook, Deniliquin and home - a flight in excess of 300kms. Ken had a good time in R83. Welcome to Ralf who is joining us for a few weeks flying. LOL to Kel -how was your day at Granite Hills High?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Warming up

Ken and Eddie pictured above getting ready to take R83 to runway 1-8. Ken took Mr Mori soaring with good conditions. Stefan has just returned via aerotow after choosing a good paddock for outlanding. Eddie is now heading to Berrigan in the Maule to pick up Kari who also chose a good paddock for outlanding. Kari flew approx 460ks today -30k short of West Wylong before turning for home. Temp. at 1500hrs 32.6. Tomorrow the temp is expected to be in the 40's. LOL to Kel.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Late development - Mr Mori flies over 5 hours in XOH

Sharee (top) had a great flight with Eddie in the Blanik today. Next Sharee is hoping to go skydiving!! Both Rolfe (2nd top) and Mr Mori (next) experienced the delights of the EuroFox with Eddie this morning. Tim, Laurel and Graeme headed home after lunch in their respective twin Commanches. Stefan, Judy, Ingo and Bernie made the most of the late development. Mr Mori has not long landed with a flight of over 5 hours in XOH. Great effort!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great conditions - Kari flies 750kms

Welcome to the Magician Mr Mori (top) and Ken (middle) who arrived from Japan this afternoon. Mr Mori enjoyed his cross country flight with Ingo in the Blanik to Jerilderie, Oaklands and back. Stefan, Tim and Graeme (middle) made the most of the great conditions with good flights. Kari (bottom) was all smiles on his return after flying 750kms in JJ. Fantastic effort!!! Thanks to Jake, Laurel and Rolf for all your help today. LOL to Kel having a great time in America.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Expecting 3 big days!!

It was smiles all round when Shane (top) and then Dianne (second from top) had scenic flights with Ingo in the Blanik. Great to see Daryl (the tall guy) who is a former student of Eddie's. Daryl and mate Noel flew in for the day in Daryl's homebuilt Jabiru tail dragger. Stefan (bottom)flew approximately 250kms this afternoon in KYO while Kari heading out late morning completed 386kms in JJ. We are now expecting 3 big days according to weather predictions.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 40th Suzanne!!

Suzanne (above) had a surprise scenic flight with Eddie this evening. Partner Greg secretly organised the flight for her 40th birthday. Suzanne said it was absolutely wicked!!! Welcome to Stefan (below) from Sweden who arrived yesterday for a few days flying. Hopefully the weather will start to improve.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blue day

Blue day with thermals up to 10,500'. Welcome to Arne (above) and Andreas (below) from Germany. The boys called in for a days' flying on their travels. Kari and Terry -Temora Wakool while David enjoyed some local flying. Eddie was kept busy with two outlandings finishing at last light. Love to Kel in San Diego.