Sunday, April 28, 2013

Denis and Norm take to the skies!

 Denis (above) really enjoyed his birthday gift of a glider fight.

 Lovely to see James and Tony (above) who flew in for a cuppa on their way home.

 Norm (above) and (below) discovered Tocumwal from the skies yesterday afternoon, gliding with Eddie in the Janus C-Turbo.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peter & Cheryl go flying

 Peter (above) with Eddie has had an enjoyable few days flying the EuroFox.

 Cheryl (above) and (below) had a great first instructional flight with Eddie.

 Farewell to Pete and Cheryl (above) who head home early tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you both again one day!

Lovely to see Cam (above) who called in today for a chat with Eddie.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Glorious Autumn weather!

 Eddie & Jake (above) after a trip to Swan Hill  in the EuroFox nose wheel.

 Jake (above) doing the housework!

 Rolf (above) sharing a joke with Ed .

Max (above) had a great air experience flight with Eddie in the Janus C-Turbo.

Weather has been simply glorious with temperatures in the 20s.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aunty Beat goes flying!

 Aunty Beat (above) with Eddie had an "amazing" flight over the district this morning in the EuroFox.

 Eddie and Aunty Beat taxiing for the runway (above) and (below) all smiles after landing.

 Chris (above) and (below) putting his glider to bed after some very good flights over Easter.

 Richard (above) kept tow pilot Jake very happy over the Easter break.

 Ashely (above) enjoyed a short flight with Eddie.

A bird in the hand...................keeps the swallows out of the hangar!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Soakin' up the serenity!

 Great to see Raymond, Toni, Nicholas and Maria (above) who called in for a cuppa this afternoon.

 Vasant and Bernadette enjoyed some local flying this morning in the nose wheel.

 Nicole and Richard (above) soakin' up the serenity in the caravan park. 

 Hang on a minute Nicole (above) - just a little bit of adjusting before we take off.

 Budding RAA pilots Glenda (above) and Ashely (below) had instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox.

 Nathan (below) honed his skills in the tail dragger with Ed.