Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Sam (above) has been gliding with Eddie in the Blanik over the past three days. Sam is well on his way to becoming a skilled glider pilot

Happy New Year 2010 from the gang (above) at SportAviation Tocumwal

Eddie and Graham (above) spent a couple of hours in the Janus this afternoon

Zach, Tim and Jake (above) strike a pose in front of UIR just prior to Tim taking off

Glenda (above) enjoyed flying with Eddie in the Blanik late this afternoon. Vasant in GVY and Richard in UE also took to the skies both having good flights. Temperature at 1500hrs 35.1 degrees

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terry flies 930kms

Eddie & Richard (above) flew a quick 200kms at 117 kph and earlier Eddie & Vasant flew a 246km
Graham, David, Laurel, Tim, Glenda and Nicole strike a pose after a great days flying.

Graham (above) had a great first flight of his Christmas holidayin UE -flying for close to five hours.

Congratulations to Terry (above) who had a great flight of over 900kms today.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cu's are popping!

Andrew (above with Eddie) had a great flight in the EuroFox.

Sarah (above with Zach) and Jessica (below with Eddie) discovered the world from above this morning -both experiencing the thrill of gliding for the first time.

Welcome to Vasant who spent the afternoon soaring in GVY

Tim and Dave (above) getting ready to go gliding this afternoon. Tim flew 150kms out and return today while Dave flew aprroximately 300kms. Yesterday, Tim had a good start to his holiday with a distance of 202kms. Richard has continued flying good distances - 383kms yesterday and 488 today - Great effort!! Terry also took to the skies in EPC flying 530kms this afternoon. Temperature at 1500hrs 35 degrees - 3 degrees hotter than forecast.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zach's first Aussie Christmas

You can't beat a cold beer and a few prawns on the Barby for Christmas lunch. Zach (above and below) had a great Christmas day spending the afternoon down the river speedboating and swimming. Quite the opposite to his usual Christmas day in Canada.

Richard had a great time flying 420kms today with an average speed of 99.38kms. You wouldn't believe it -just missed out on the 100!!
Temperature at 1500hrs a pleasant 30 degrees

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Eddie, Cheryl, Zach and Jake would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2010. We thank all our valued customers for their continued support at SportAviation throughout 2009. We hope to continue our great service to satisfy our long time loyal and new customers throughout the coming year.

Farewell Milan

Shaun (above with Eddie) had a great time in the EuroFox early yesterday morning - It was well worth getting out of bed for!!

Farewell to Milan (above with Richard, Nicole, Zach and Eddie) who heads home early this morning. Milan has enjoyed some great flying during his holiday in Tocumwal. Congratulations to Richard who flew his furtherest distance yet -687kms yesterday. Dave also had a good flight.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Over 2000kms between the three of them!!

Milan (656kms), Richard (550kms) and Terry (876kms) celebrate today's gliding with a tune on the piano. This intrepid trio of aviators flying over 2000kms.

Great flying!!

Grant & Zach (above with Eddie) have spent the past two days with Eddie in the Blanik. Grant had previously learnt to glide many years ago while Zach is new to the sport.

Richard (above in UE) has started his (gliding) holiday with some good flights.

Yesterday Terry flew 753kms while Milan flew well over 600kms -terrific effort!!
Bob also enjoyed his flight in HD.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Steve and Doreen discover the world from above

Steve (above) with Eddie and Doreen (below) had a great time in the Blanik yesterday discovering the world from above.

Laurel & Tim (above) just about to head home after another weekend flying whilst staying overnight in the caravan park.
Milan had another good flight of over 200Kms yesterday once again in difficult conditions. Richard also took the first flight of his holidays flying over 100kms in UE.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fantastic effort Milan!!

Yesterday Milan flew KYO (LS4) 483kms in very diffficult conditions - fantastic effort!!

Great to see Tony, Phil and Lloyd who flew in for a cuppa yesterday afternoon.

Welcome to Nicole and Richard who arrived late last night.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Farewell Michael - some great flights

Farewell to Michael (above) who has enjoyed some great flying from SportAviation. Michael's last flight was to West Wylong and return. We look forward to seeing Michael next season.

Milan (above)) has had a fantastic time with Ingo in the Janus -making the most of the conditions. Congratulations to Milan also for flying over 500kms in KYO on Wednesday - great effort!

Zach took advantage of an afternoon off, flying 319kms in IIE. His furtherest distance so far - well done!

Mark (above with Eddie) flew in for his bi-annual check early Wednesday.
Yesterday bought very hot,windy conditions with a temperature of 40 degrees (no flying). To-day dawned with a cool change and temperature of 24degrees at 1500hrs. Milan has once again taken to the skies in KYO, still flying at present.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Farewell to Japanese Pilots

Shota, Hiro and Takeshie (front row with Eddie) headed off early this morning to Melbourne. They were flying to Sydney to taste some seafood delights before going home to Japan. We have had a wonderful week with our Japanese guests and very much look forward to their return.
Bob, Ingo, Michael, Zach and Milan (back row) were also here early for the weather report with Eddie yesterday morning.
Barb, Ric, Johannes, Jutta and Eddie enjoyed some delicious nibbles and drinks at Barb & Ric's van last evening.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blue turbulent conditions

Takashi (above) has really enjoyed gliding in the Pik 20-D at SportAviation

Shota (above in IIE) took a couple of launches today in difficult conditions -flying for over 4 hours.

Hiro (above in KYO) also took 2 launches in the blue conditions also flying for over 4 hours in total

John and Dean had a good time in GVY
Chris headed skyward in CH making the most of any opportunity.
Temperature at 1500hrs 28 degrees

Congratulations Michael - 500km

Mark (above with partner Kate) had a great time in GVY with Eddie yesterday afternoon.

Congratulations to Michael (above) who flew 500kms yesterday - fantastic effort!!!

Last evening we celebrated the opening of the caravan park with the plaque on the rock unveiled.

Trish was up early this morning flying with Eddie in the EuroFox.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Farewell Andrew and Welcome Milan

Farewell to Andrew (above) who had a fantastic flight in GVY today. Andrew was in the air for approximately 6 hours. We look forward to seeing Andrew in the near future.

A glider pilot's work is never done!! Taka (above) and Shota, Zach and Hiro (below) all preparing gliders for the day ahead.

Welcome to Milan who has been flying with Ingo in the Janus today. Heading to Wagga Wagga and return Milan and Ingo flew 527kms - great effort!!

Michael (above) flew approximately 570kms in UE - another great effort!!
Taka chose a wonderful paddock to outland. Thanks Bill and Zach for the retrieve. Shota flew 208kms in IIE while Hiro has not long landed after a 355km flight in KYO.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A big welcome to Glider Pilots from Japan

A warm welcome to Mr Mizukawa, Mr Ogura and Mr Shota (above with Eddie) who arrived last evening for a weeks gliding

Zach (above) was all smiles after receiving his Australian license from John yesterday

Monday, December 7, 2009

Farewell Stephan and Ralph

Dennis (above) from Finley got back into flying today after a few years absence
He really enjoyed flying in the EuroFox with Eddie

Chris (above with Eddie) has purchased a Pitts aircraft and is working on his tail dragger endorsement

Bob (above with Zach) had an enjoyable flight of 250kms today

Farewell to Stephan who flies back to Germany today and Ralph (above with Cheryl & Eddie). It has been a great week with Stephan and a wonderful fortnight with Ralph. We look forward to their next visit.
Michael and Terry are still out flying. Temperature at 1500hrs 32 degrees with some nice cumulus forming