Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great weather for gliding!!

Terry (above) had a great day in the Janus CT today.

Tony and Mark from Horsham flew over in the new EuroFox booking into the caravan park for a few days

Li from China is having instruction with Eddie in the Blanik (above) while Shang is in GVY having instruction from Rolf.

The workers relax after a big effort cleaning and setting up the new BBQ area.

Already six annual sites have been snapped up in the new caravan park. Give us a call for the special (no grass yet) offer available at present. Bob and Lothar also had really good flights enjoying the conditions this afternoon. Tim did a test flight in the Pik 20 in between sharing the towing with Tony.
Thanks to all for another day in paradise!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caravan Park - Open for business 30-10-2009

After having passed all inspections SportAviation Caravan Park is open for business from tomorrow evening. Cheryl, Eddie, Jutta and Johannes (top) celebrate with a glass of champagne. The Deputy Chief and Fireman from the Tocumwal Fire Brigade (middle) checked out the fire hydrants as well as the hose reels to ensure everything was in order. Mark, Stuart (in Bob Cat), Eddie & Cheryl (above) getting that great piece of Tocumwal granite in position. Stuart, Mark and crew from Crawford's Earthworks did a fantastic job -working long days to have the park ready for inspection. The saying that 'many hands make light work' has certainly been true on this project. Our grateful thanks to all of you who have helped us in any way. We will be holding an official opening in the near future - Yes it will be a big celebration!!
What a great start to the season!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Caravan park pics

Mmm..... hope it won't take too long for the grass to grow.
A pilot's retreat set amongst the gum trees

Eddie working a double shift

The painter is a bit slack - refused to work overtime!!

Thanks Chris for the great photos taken today.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Caravan Park - we're nearly finished!!

Rob (top) enjoyed a special birthday present flying with Rolf in GVY this afternoon. The great news is that we are hoping to open the caravan park next weekend. All the tradesmen have put in long hours to complete their various jobs. Ritz has kindly organised a BBQ (BYO everything) next Saturday night to celebrate the end of a big job and the beginning of our new van park. Our (no grass yet) special for all those making an annual booking in November is only $1650.00. Contact us for details. Also, farewell to Ken from Japan. Ken is looking forward to coming back in January.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Local farmer takes a birds eye view

Local farmer Denis from Daysdale saw how the country looked after the drought, flying in GVY with Eddie. John and Jake flew for most of the afternoon together climbing to 46oo ft in blue conditions.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kerry goes gliding and Ivan has an 'awesome' time in the EuroFox

Ivan (top) from QLD said flying in the EuroFox was an awesome experience.
Ivan spent some hours yesterday and today honing his skills in the EuroFox tail dragger with Eddie. Kerry (above) left her golfing buddies on the ground enjoying a flight with Eddie in GVY. Laurel and Tim have been busy finishing off the refurbishment of their van while Chris picked his site in the caravan park. Yes we hope to be open for Melbourne Cup weekend!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Farewell to Yogi and Reiko, Ken test flies his OLY

Ken Ueyama test flew his Vintage Oly, Yogi and Reiko (second) enjoyed their last flight in GVY. It has not been 'gliding' weather these past few days with rain, hail and only a glimpse of sunshine in between. Looks promising for the weekend though. Neil (middle) has been very busy in the amenities block sanding, painting, drilling - you name it he's done it!! We had a great last evening with Yogi and Reiko (above) with pizza for dinner.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome Yogi and Reiko

A big welcome to Yogi and his wife Reiko (top) who arrived late yesterday from Japan. This is Reiko's first visit to Australia. Yesterday, Bob and Dave took advantage of the good soaring weather both having great flights. Laurel and Tim (middle) flew in today continuing work on their van in readiness for the opening of the caravan park. Yoghi and Reiko (above) enjoyed their flights in GVY as did John and Harry who called in later today. Bill and Jake were kept busy with towing and field work. John's apple slice was perfect with a cuppa at the end of the day. We are hoping the caravan park will be open for the Melbourne Cup weekend - all depends on the tradesmen!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Plenty of flying

Richard & Nicole (top) headed off to Benalla this morning in the EuroFox meeting up with Vasant for coffee. Geoff (middle) took some time off from Early Settlers to tow Tom (above) who had a great flight with Eddie in GVY. Bob had a really good flight in HD soaring for well over 3 hours and could've stayed up longer. Vasant enjoyed flying in GVY before heading home. Jake, on school holidays was kept busy on the field.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Smiling faces

Wayne (above with Paula) is here for a few days getting the PIK20D ready for the season.

Vasant & Eddie were all smiles after some good flights in GVY.

Dave had a couple of flights in HDK this afternoon. Earlier on in the week Dave had a great flight with wave soaring for approx. 3hours
Bill & Tim had check flights with Eddie in GVY
Laurel has been busy painting the caravan interior in readiness for the opening of the caravan park. Johannes & Jutta have continued to work on the amenities block. It's starting to look really good inside.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daylight saving commences!

Lovely to meet Junaliza (top) who is about to commence instruction in the EuroFox with Eddie. Great to see Richard, Nicole and Vasant who have travelled down from Sydney for the long weekend. Johannes and Jutta have been busy helping Eddie in the Amenities block (nearly finished!). Bracey, Marg, Tim and Laurel also joined us for dinner in the hangar (above). Weather hasn't been good for flying. Has continued to drizzle rain however conditions are predicted to improve over the next few days.
Tonight we turn the clocks forward as daylight saving commences.