Sunday, December 29, 2013

Farewell Andrea & Anton

A brilliant sunset on Christmas Eve

 Scott (above) had an "awesome" flight with Mike in UIZ.

 Welcome to Alfons & Michael (above) and likewise (below) Richard, Nicole, Tim and Laurel.

 Eddie (above) showing Andrea the special Danish method of opening the champagne!

 Michael (above) is continuing instruction with Ed in the Twin Astir.

Farewell to the lovely Andrea and Anton who have been with us for about 3 weeks or so. We will miss them dearly and look forward to their return.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Congratulations Jake!

 Congratulations to Tug pilot Jake on passing his H.S.C. -Well done!!

 Geoff (above) had a great flight with Eddie in the Twin Astir.

 Newly wed, Sarah (above) really enjoyed her first ever glider flight with Mike in UIZ.

 Farewell to Hannu (above) who started his journey home yesterday. Hannu had some terrific flights in JJ during his stay with us. Looking forward to seeing you next season.
Yesterday,Wayne and Paula found a great spot in the SportAviation Caravan Park for their recently renovated van. It's absolutely gorgeous!! Now with his glider in the hangar and van in the park Wayne is all set to go gliding whenever he wishes while Paula can sit back, relax and enjoy!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas......just around the corner!

 Jayden (above) with Mike and Granddad, David had his first taste of gliding in the Twin Astir.

Husband and wife team Andrea (above) and Anton (below) in their respective LS4's.

 Farewell to Toshi (above) who has enjoyed some very good flights in HDK. We look forward to seeing Toshi again next season.

 Yes...........Christmas is just around the corner!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Crighton's Rural Engineering visits SportAviation

The boys from Crighton's called into SportAviation as part of their 'mystery bus tour'. Yes gliding it was and a great afternoon was had by all. More photos in the following blog.

More photos -Crighton's Rural Engineering

Time to leave for home. Just hope they all turned up for work today!!

See ya Stuart!

 Stuart (above) has headed back to Canberra after a week or so gliding with Eddie in the Twin Astir. Looking forward to seeing you again on your next visit Stuart!

 Anton (above) and Toshi (below) have both put in very good flights over the past week. The conditions at times have been difficult.

 Andrea (above) waiting to launch and (below) with Toshi and Jake.

 Pizza anyone? The Ryan residence was the place to be on Saturday evening with delicious pizza and salad for dinner. Terry (below) was in fine form!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome Andrea & Anton..........Guess who's back!!

Yes it's the infallible Mike back again! Hannu (above) looks bemused as the unusually photo shy Mike tries to hide behind the Christmas tree.

 Mike hasn't taken long to settle in. Seems like he almost never left!! Mike and Jake (above) about to drive out to the runway.

 On Monday Toshi (above) flew an excellent flight in the LS4 in extremely difficult conditions. Well done!!

 Welcome back to the lovely Andrea and Anton (above & below). 

Stuart (above) with Mike and Jake has continued instruction in UIZ.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome Toshihide & Stuart

 A warm welcome to Toshihide from Japan about to launch today (above) and very enthusiastic about cleaning the glider (below).

 Paul (above) completed his B.F.R. today with Eddie in the nose wheel.

 Welcome also to Stuart from Canberra (above) who is here for a week or so learning to glide.

Hannu (above) happy as ever just about to launch.

We enjoyed just over 40ml of rain from the 4th through to the 6th and even had hailstones!!
Sunshine is now back with us again.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Something funny...........

 Something funny going on here...Steve, Lothar, Mark and Eddie (above).

 On the more serious side - its always important to keep in contact with your wife when you're away on a gliding holiday. Stephan and Hannu (above) doing the same.

 Yes, the Janus C-Turbo draws a crowd at times.

 Now who's going to dink who?? Avid cyclists Rod and Rolf (above).

Steve (above) took some time out of gliding to try the EuroFox.