Monday, December 31, 2012

Aidan has an "awesome" flight.

 Sam (above) and (below) with Eddie has continued instruction in the Twin Astir.

 Andrew & John (above) headed off this morning for a bit of sight seeing in the EuroFox.

 A warm welcome to Hirotaka (above) and Shota (below) who arrived from Japan yesterday.

 Aidan (below) with Mike had an "awesome" flight in the Twin Astir yesterday - another glider pilot in the making!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blue skies - what an experience!

 Wayne (above) and Sandra (below) had great first time gliding experiences in the Twin Astir with Mike today.

 Susanne's big smile (above) says it all - fantastic!

 Trish (above) and Philip (below) also discovered Tocumwal from above this afternoon.

 Robyn & Garry (above) had a break in their golfing schedule this afternoon enjoying the golf course from a slightly different perspective.

Andrew (above) from Bendigo on his first trial instructional flight in the EuroFox nose wheel.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy birthday Andrew!

 Janelle (above) with Eddie & Hugh had a great flight in the twin Astir this afternoon.

 Hugh then lined up with Mike also discovering the world from above in the Astir.

Andrew (in the green shirt) said his glider flight this afternoon was 'unbelievable'. A great birthday gift from his family!!

Merry Christmas!

 Great to see Sam (above) back for some more gliding with Eddie -this time in the Twin Astir.

 Jake (above) all set to tow in the tail dragger.

 Tim, Wayne, Paula and Laurel (above) just enjoying the serenity.

 Wayne (above) with Paula has had some good flights in the Pik 20-D.

 Luc (above) had instruction in the Janus C-Turbo with Eddie yesterday.

 Mike, Johannes, Eddie, Guenther, Dieter, Cheryl, Erika and Jutta (above) enjoying some Christmas cheer.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

2 sleeps till Santa comes!

 Terry (above) not content with winning the Aussie OLC is now diversifying & aiming for the tractor pull championship! ..........Now how do you start this thing??????

 Lovely to see Richard and Nicole (above) who have travelled down from Sydney to SportAviation for a short holiday. Richard (below) has enjoyed some really good flying since his arrival.

Great to have Brian & Kim (above) join us for a few days. Brian achieved some excellent flying over the past three days under somewhat difficult conditions at times. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon!

 Heads down and the end of another good day!

David (above) made the most of the good conditions today soaring in HDK.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farewell Hannu & Toshi

 Ralph (above) has enjoyed some good flights in the Janus C-Turbo with Terry over the past few days.

 Farewell to Hannu (above) and Toshi (below) who have both begun their journeys home today. We will miss you both and look forward to seeing you again next season.

 Congratulations to Lothar (above) who flew close to 600k earlier in the week -Fantastic effort!!

Another terrific BBQ was enjoyed by all last evening as we said our goodbyes to Hannu and Toshi. Thanks to Ralph for cooking and to Rolf for the delicious dessert!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Farewell Takeshi

 Farewell to Takeshi pictured (above) with Mike and (below) with Eddie. Takeshi enjoyed his final flight in HDK this afternoon. During his visit to SportAviation Takeshi achieved his Silver badge, Gold Duration and Distance and Diamond Goal Flight and Distance - Fantastic effort!!

 Must be getting close to Christmas - here are the three wise men (below)

 Great to see Ken (below) return for his Biannual flight review in the EuroFox.

 Thanks to Hannu for a kangaroo burger BBQ (below) last evening.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

500k cake!!

 Terry and Mike (above) had a great flight of 584kms in the Janus C-Turbo today.

 Gary (above) enjoyed instruction with Eddie in the EuroFox tail dragger.

 Eddie (above) looking debonair in his new Akubra.

 We celebrated Toshi and Takeshi's (below) wonderful 500km flights yesterday with a delicious mud cake this morning.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Congratulations Takeshi & Toshi - 500km's

 Phillip (above) completed his tail wheel endorsement with Eddie early this evening - great effort!
  Hannu (above) enjoyed another day in paradise soaring over 500km's in JJ.

 This morning we celebrated Takeshi's first 300km's (above) while this evening Takeshi landed having flown over 500km's - Brilliant!!

 Mike & John (above) had a great time soaring in the Twin Astir this afternoon.

Fantastic effort Toshi (above) - first official 500km's.