Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome back Sigrid

A warm welcome back to Sigrid (above) with Eddie

Lothar (above) has a grin from ear to ear after hangaring his brand new glider safely in the SportAviation Hangar. After inspecting the leather seats Bill said, "Gliders have come along way since my day!"

Rolf (above) gives Terry a hand prior to his flight in Papa Charlie last week

Couldn't resist this early morning picture of our resident roos (above) playing around.

We are hoping that the weather will start to improve tomorrow. We have had over 20ml of rain this weekend!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Champagne soaring

Last evening we made the most of the perfect weather with a B.B.Q. at the Caravan Park

Laurel (above with Eddie) downsized today- flying in the EuroFox instead of the Mooney

Great to see ken (above) here for his B.F.R.

Tim (above) had a great first flight of the season in the PIK 20-D

Paul (above) from Cairns has spent the past few days having instruction in the EuroFox with Eddie
Fantastic soaring weather with Terry, Chris & Rolf all having champagne flights. Liam also took to the skies with Eddie in GVY
Temperature at 1500hrs 32 degrees

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Bub (above) enjoyed a special birthday gift from her family soaring with Rolf in GVY

Meagan (above with Eddie) also celebrated her birthday with a glider flight today

Farewell to Bjorn (above) who heads home tomorrow. Bjorn hopes to return in 2011.

John & Tim both enjoyed their flights in GVY this afternoon while Chris has just completed 366 ks in CH. Rolf is making the most of the good conditions still out flying in UE. Weather is continuing to improve with temperature at 1500hrs 29 degrees

Friday, November 19, 2010

Weather hotting up!!

Bjorn, Rod, John, Liam and Eddie (above) strike a pose around the Janus

Great to see Rod (above) flying at SportAviation for a few days. After seeing the Caravan Park Rod hopes to come back gliding and camp over in early 2011

Bjorn (above & below) has enjoyed some good soaring flights in KYO over the past few days

Eddie & John (below) prepare to head skyward in ZAV this afternoon

Monday, November 15, 2010

Golfers out in force

Happy 17th birthday to Kelly (above)

When they're not golfing they're gliding! Golfing mates from Tocumwal Golf Club (above) were out in force to cheer on Greg & Jim (below with Rolf) who both experienced gliding for the first time.

Rolf (above) enjoyed a superb flight in the DG-600 early last week

Bjorn and John (above with Eddie) downloading their loggers in the briefing room after their respective flights this afternoon.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome back Bjorn

Thanks Jake for the great photo of GVY (above)

A warm welcome back to SportAviation for Bjorn (above with Eddie in GVY)

Dave (above in HDK) put in some good soaring this afternoon

Shaun (above) just loves gliding - he keeps coming back for more!!

Temperature today at 1500hrs a very pleasant 27 degrees

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soar with the Eagles

Rolf & Eddie (above) had a great afternoon soaring in GVY with an Eagle for company.
Temperature at 1500hrs 24 degrees
Cu's at 6000 feet