Sunday, February 24, 2013

So long, farewell.......

 Farewell to Mike (above) saluting as the flag is lowered and (below) with Eddie, Kari, Rolf & Chris enjoying his last Aussie BBQ for a while. We wish you all the very best Mike - from all the gang at SportAviation Tocumwal.

 Yesterday morning Brian, Mark and Bruce (above) experienced gliding for the first time. They all agreed it was terrific!

 Great to see Jamie (above) with Jo return for some more flying in the EuroFox.

Anne (above) received a fantastic birthday present from daughter Jo this afternoon - gliding with Eddie in the Twin Astir.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Both Johns have great gliding experiences!

 John (above) had a "fantastic" flight with Mike in the Twin Astir yesterday.

 "Oh what a feeling" were the words from John (above) after his soaring experience with Mike also yesterday afternoon.

 Another lovely evening out -Rolf, Lis, Bjorn, Lothar, Mike and Eddie celebrating Mike's birthday at the Tocumwal Golf Club.

 Have bike will travel - Mike (above) demonstrating his prowess on the bicycle.

 Bjorn (above) after his last flight for this season in KYO on Monday. Farewell to Bjorn and Lis who have headed to Melbourne for a few days prior to leaving for home. See you both again next season.

Mike (above) enjoyed a local flight in IIE.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Mike!

 Happy Birthday Mike. 21 again!!

 John (above) in IIE and Mark (below) in the PW5 both enjoyed good flights yesterday.

Bjorn (above) also had a great time in KYO.

 Farewell to Hanns (above). Hope to see you again next season!

 Kari, Eddie, Mike and Hanns (above) celebrating Lis and Bjorns' wedding anniversary last week.

Eddie (above) relaxing at the end of another day in paradise!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great weather!

 Kari took this great photo (above) yesterday of the big Cumulus in all of the area.

Kari (above) in  JJ lands after a quick out and return to West Wyalong along the cloud streets.

 Ralph and Terry (above) teamed up again in the Janus C-Turbo for a good street run.

 Bjorn (above) said "This is why I come to Australia!"

 Hanns finished late after a pleasant flight under the cumulus.

 Mike (above) did a quick dash out to Oaklands and return.

Mike (above) getting ready to take a few more snaps of his holiday here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big change in weather!

 From one day to the next what a contrast in weather for Bjorn and Lis. Bjorn (above) making a path through the snow and (below) with Lis and Hanns in sunny Tocumwal.

 There were a few anxious moments as you can see on the faces of Bjorn, Hanns and Mike (above) however, Kari (below) was all smiles after gaining his tractor endorsement.

 Laurie (above) with Mike and Michael (below) with Eddie both had terrific flights in the Twin Astir yesterday.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Congratulations Hiro and Leo!

 Welcome to Bjorn  pictured above with Mike and Eddie and his lovely wife Lis. Bjorn and Lis are here for a fortnight or so staying in the Caravan Park.

 Likewise welcome back to Mark and Hanns (above) who both hope to get in some good flights.

 Congratulations to Hiro (above) with Takao. Hiro flew his first declared 500kms on Wednesday in LS4 KYO - Fantastic effort!!

 Congratulations also to Leo (above) and (below) who achieved his Gold Distance and Duration as well as Diamond Goal on Wednesday in LS4 HDK -Terrific!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Congratulations Takao and Leo!!

 Congratulations to Takao and Leo (above). Takao achieved his Diamond Distance flying in HDK yesterday while Leo achieved his Silver Badge flying in IIE. Terrific soaring!!

 An excited Leo (above) after landing yesterday.

 Terry and Masaaki (above) had another good flight in the Janus C-Turbo yesterday.

 Kari (above) looking relaxed prior to launching this morning.

 This evening we farewell our Japanese friends; Takao, Takeshi, Leo, Hiro and Masaaki (above).
We hope to see you all again next season.

Happy 18th Birthday to Jake (above). Our very best wishes to you from all of us at SportAviation!

Monday, February 4, 2013

All lined up...................

 Late last week Gron and Mike (above) teamed up, flying in the Twin Astir. Thanks for the photo Gron.

 Takeshi (above) and Masaaki (below) preparing to launch in the Pik 20-D and IIE respectively.

 All lined up and ready to roll!

 Takao (above) and Hiro (below) have both enjoyed some good flying over the past few days.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Congratulations Masaaki & Takao!

 Congratulations to Masaaki & Takao (above & below) for achieving Silver C with Gold C height and  Gold C height respectively -Fantastic!!

 Welcome to Leo (above) with Hiro and Takeshi. We hope you enjoy your flying at SportAviation!

 Last evening Eddie, Jake, Ralph, Stephan, Kari & Mike (above) enjoyed a delicious meal at the Tocumwal Golf Club.

 Ralph & Stephan (above) paired up for a few days, flying the Janus C-Turbo.

Kari & Terry (above) deep in thought at the launch area.