Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shaun has first gliding lesson

Eddie and Jake headed off early this morning for Ed's bi-annual with Wally in Narrandah. Stephan took Jake flying in the Blanik on his return a few hours later. Jan (top) has just landed after enjoying a five hour flight in IIE. Stephan (bottom) is 5 miles out at present. Shaun (2nd top) had his first lesson with Eddie in the Blanik today. Dad, Graham (glider and power pilot) was really proud of Shaun's decision to start lessons. Peter from Watsonia (2nd from bottom) had a fantastic flight with Eddie this afternoon in the Blanik. Next he is going flying in the EuroFox. Great to see Dave who had a good flight in HDK this afternoon. This evening we have been joined by Pete and Ginny. So lovely to see them both!! Mads and Pete headed home today with Mads coming back next week for a fortnight. Thanks to Ian, Jake, Tim and Laurel for your great assistance once again.