Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome Yogi, Junzo, Birger and Peter

Yogi, Junzo, Birger, Kari and Tim (just out of the picture) with Eddie at today's weather briefing

Yogi (above) with Zach and Jake after his flight in the Pik 20-D this afternoon

Peter (above) travelled up to SportAviation for the weekend to congratulate Jake on his first solo.

Another great picture from Zach -showing (in the mirror) Jake in the Blanik being towed by the Maule. Jake flew three solo flights yesterday before celebrating with a delicious chocolate cake made by his Mum. Jake also wished to pass on his thanks and appreciation to Stephan Soelle, John Dyson and Terry Ryan for all their wonderful assistance with his flying career so far.

A big welcome to Yogi, Junzo, Birger and Peter. Yogi, Junzo and Birger have all enjoyed good flights today in UIR, IIE and KYO respectively. Peter is flying the EuroFox. Kari and Dave also took to the skies with cloudbase of 6000 feet.
Temperature at 1500 hours 32.6 degrees