Thursday, January 16, 2014

First 300Kms!!

 A toast to Ib (above) for a very Happy Birthday!!

 Verner, Ib and Ole (above) about to head for home. We have had a great time with these lovely gentlemen from Denmark and look forward to seeing them all again next season.

 Despite the heat Gary and Chris (above) had an enjoyable afternoon gliding with Mike.

 John (above) decided to get back into gliding after a few years away while Clint (below) had his first time gliding experience with Mike in UIZ.

 Congratulations to Hiroshi (above) who completed his Gold Distance and Diamond Goal yesterday with a 300km flight and Nobu (below) who completed his Gold height -Fantastic effort!!

 Hiro, Hiroshi, Nobu and Takeshi (below) have been enjoying their flights and trying to keep cool when on the ground. The temperature at present 1700hrs is 46.5 degrees.