Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny arrives tomorrow!!

Kim (above with Eddie in GVY) said her air experience flight this afternoon was 'excellent'.

Vasant took to the skies again today in KYO making the most of the conditions.

Richard and Paul (above) have been having a ball in the Janus over the past 2 days.

Tim (above) gives Ray a hand just prior to launching DY with the Maule.

Ben (above) arrived back in Toc today for more gliding experience with Eddie in the Blanik.

Terry and Jake left early this morning for Temora in the Sonneray. Tonight, we turn the clocks back an hour as daylight savings comes to an end. Weather has been extremely pleasant with temperature at 1500 hrs 25 degrees. Easter Bunny arrives tomorrow for all those who have been very good!!