Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Condor first flight 29th April

What a day! The highlight of April was the official launching of the vintage glider Condor. Restored to its former glory by Mike and vintage glider enthusiasts.

A brilliant day saw Eddie in the tug and Ingo flying the Condor. They put on a spectacular display for the crowds below. There where many local and Japanese vintage glider enthusiasts gathered to watch.

Other vintage glider flying on the day included Ken in the Slingsby, Leigh in the Grunau Baby and Jenny in the KA6.

A spectacular dinner was held at SportAviation the evening prior. Mr. Tanokura (a prominent Tokyo restaurateur) cooked traditional Japanese fare for the Japanese and Australian guests. The evening culminated in a "magic show" performed by Mr. Mori from Japan.

Tuesday evening saw an end to a wonderful day with a BBQ held at the Murray Border Flying Club.