Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ANZAC Weekend 25-27th April

Hi again,

Well another great weekend. A busy time for both gliding and ultra lights!

A mixed bag weather wise, beautiful Friday and Saturday and a bit of cloud and welcome rain on Sunday. The good days had glorious cumulus clouds and thermals up to 6000'.

During the previous week Eddie had put new tyres on his car but it obviously didn't like the pampering because this week the engine blew up! Fortunately Terry arrived in the Sonnerex and he and Laurel flew back to Shepparton where Laurel drove Terry's car back for Eddie to borrow. A big thank you to both of them.

Eddie and Richard had the Blanik and IS28 out with budding glider pilots Helena and Malcolm. Malcolm has previous power flying experience and had a suprise weekend of flying for Helena. They both did several hours of flying and had great time.

Tim was towing in the Maule and Bob and Peter both had good flights of 2 hours or so.

The next day Richard took Nicole for a trip in the Sports Star. The weather started closing in so they arrived back earlier than anticipated.

Regular, Dave has combined both gliding and ultra-lighting recently. After soaring in his glider Dave then jumps in the Sports Star. " It's great to be able to do both in the one day" he says.

When the weather was not so good Tim, Laurel and Graham each took the Maule for a fly. There where smiles all round.

Peter and Ginny dropped in to see what was going on. Peter was looking enviously at the people going flying. I wonder what was going through his mind! It was good to see them around.

Tim and Laurel hosted an evening BBQ at which Tim cooked a chicken in the camp oven over a camp fire - Chicken, a drink or three, delicious!

It was great to see Neil, Glenda and Graham, Nicole and Richard, Bob and Peter. A very enjoyable time.

Thanks for coming everyone.