Monday, March 11, 2013

Absolutely glorious weather!!

 Mark (above) mixed it with the big guns on the OLC with high scores over the past few days.

 Tim (above) picked a great weekend to come up to Toc with some excellent flights in the Pik 20D.

 Gron (above) gave the thumbs up after flying his first solo in the Twin Astir.

 Ray (above)  - Gorgeous vintage car, vintage glider and one handsome looking ..................pilot.

 Terry (above) trying to talk some sense into Eddie.

Congratulations to Chris (above) who had a first on the OLC yesterday with a 640km FAI triangle. Cumulus was up to 10,000 feet cloud base. Chris tried to follow the cloud streets not circling except for a low point on the first leg that worked nicely.