Saturday, July 3, 2010

Winter is here!

Greer (above) visiting from Melbourne experienced a great flight with Rolf in GVY this afternoon

Dave (above) continues to make the most of every opportunity soaring in HDK this afternoon. As far as awards go Dave is definitely our most consistent pilot.

Ben (above) giving the thumbs up has continued his flight training with Rolf

Father and son, Dennis and Shaun have also continued their training in the EuroFox. Earlier in the week Eddie took well deserved time out with a 2 hour flight in PC.
Weather has been unstable with cloud base today of 3500-4000 feet. Winter is here! Temp. at 1500hrs 13 degrees.
Bookings are coming in earlier this year so if you plan on hiring a glider during the season please do so as soon as you know your plans