Sunday, June 8, 2008

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Great to see Vasant who arrived on Friday. He completed his Navs in the Sportstar with Don.
Glider pilot Steve also flew the Sportstar as well as the Jabiru. Steve accomplished his conversion to power in both. Congratulations Steve!

Marg and Bracy called in with grandson and budding pilot Lincoln. Yes they start young at SportAviation! Lincoln is pictured having fun in the puddles after recent (much needed) rain.

Richard & Nicole celebrated their eighth birthday of coming to Tocumwal.
Richard has been doing some training in the Maule. Another great Tug pilot in the making!

Laurel went flying in the Maule in the afternoon while Tim capped off the day with a few night circuits.

After gliding most of the afternoon Dave & Liz joined the party for Pizza night.
Great to have Pete and Ginny join us also.
Highlight of the evening was Dave (a man of many talents) using his hypnotic powers on Liz and Tim! You had to be there to believe it!!
You are coming under my hypnotic power
Tim, You will think you are a monkey

When I snap my fingers you will be sound asleep!

Of course Richard said No way!!